Super Hero


Transcript of Super Hero


Superhero fast, superhero slow

Superheroes are always on the go go go!!!

A superhero must have compassion

A superhero must be selfless

A superhero watches over others in doubt and distress.

A superhero has a vision; they have a future plan

A superhero must have ambition to change the

upcoming days

A superhero does whatever it takes to ensure a peaceful new


Anybody could be a superhero; it’s as simple as taking a single


Any dreamer has the potential to achieve the honorable title


Hero cool, hero smooth

Heroes stay calm while looking fear straight in the eye.

Heroes will risk their lives to save another from death’s


Heroes aid any creature that pleads for help

Heroes arrive when all the lights have gone out and guide you

ahead through your foggy path.

Heroes challenge the fear that prevent them from reaching

the distance

Heroes do not follow commands but act on their

own beliefs

Heroes can appear as anyone--an ordinary child or a starving


Heroes are born every day. Just supporting and showing someone

you care is a good beginning

Compassion and selflessness are the traits of a true hero.

Super villain harsh, super villains cruel

Super villains love watching loved ones fight one another.

Super villains cause travesties without apology

Super villains push people aside as they scheme to reach the top.

Super villains betray peoples’ trust and let them fall straight down.

Super villains emerge from the corrupting pursuit of power without consequences

Super villains cannot deal with the pain in their lives, so they inflict pain on others.

A person who cares more for money then family and friends is on the path towards villainy

Anybody can be manipulated into becoming a super villain.

Pursing selfish ambitions and disregarding the needs of others are the traits of a true villain.

Villain sly, villain shrewd

Villains steal from the helpless then vanish without a trace.

Villains take what they want; they don’t care whose it is.

Villains love the thrill of trespassing without getting caught

Villains enjoy going undetected and committing whatever comes to mind.

Villains prey on the weak. They wait for an opportune moment to pounce and leap

Villains value pleasure and fortune, not caring who has to suffer as long as they get their satisfaction

Villains are never satisfied with what they have; they always want more.

Heroes and Villains come and go throughout time, and yet

they never die

Heroes and villains are the good and bad in us all

We choose which one we want to be.