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  1. 1. Storytelling &
  2. 2. Let me tell you the truthI tell two kinds of stories Persuasive of numbers and narratives(Hint: Consulting business) Unnoticed of mavericks, climate change,organic farming & my weird experimentsStoryboard of my life1990s 2007-Present 2011-2013 2013-PresentImage: Free digital photos
  3. 3. Chapter 1: Storytelling & narratives
  4. 4. Once upon a timeThen NowImage: Free digital photos
  5. 5. I discovered a sutra.content is subservient to context
  6. 6. Balvinder is married, outspoken and deeplyengaged with social issues.Which of the following is more likely?Balvinder is a bank managerORBalvinder is a bank manager who is an activevolunteer at an NGOImage courtesy: Freedigitalphotos.netNow, you dont believe me. Do you?
  7. 7. How a story is supposed to work?LifeExperiencesFactsEmotional reactionEmotional reactionThink/Debate/ArgueContextdies outYourImage source:
  8. 8. Does your mask allow you to not be?
  9. 9. Mark Twain wasnt Mark Twain.Mark Zorro isnt Mark Zorro.Are YOU wearing your digital mask?..Its a proof of concept, its to prove a theory. Andits to prove that who you are doesnt matter. Infact, truth requires that you arent anyone, becauseif youre someone, whatever you say is alwaysbiased. Its influenced by what you know about thatpersonIts the words...not the person that mattersRobot Dinosaur Image source: Fake Grimlock @ TwitterMark Zorro Image Source
  10. 10. Are you kicking up dust?Marketing and press kicks up dustIt gets in your eye, andthen youre not focusing on the product.Image Source: Forbes Profile Jan Koum
  11. 11. Image Courtesy: Google ImagesIntermission
  12. 12. Chapter 2: Storytelling & Narratives
  13. 13. Hero is sufferingfrom Rockstar herowakes up to his baddream where hisuncle is killedSo what are narratives?Hero meets theassassinHero kills theassassinAssassin was theheros dads bestfriendImage Courtesy: IMDB, Wikipedia
  14. 14. What is Curse of knowledge?Image source:
  15. 15. Which narrative Gods do you worship?
  16. 16. Two opposing blog narrativesInception Image Source: IMDBSeth Godin Image Source: Boing Boing Seth Godin InterviewParachute Image Source: Toonpencil
  17. 17. Heres the narrative formula1) Lede2) Nut Graf3) Deep Breath. It all began when4) Then this, Then This, Then this5) Here we are. What comes next?6) Kicker and outSource: Dan Lyons presentation at INBOUND 2013: Tell me a story: When Mediaand Marketing become One
  18. 18. Which Archetype are you playing with?1. Betrayal2. Underdog3. Revenge4. Freud/Oedipus5. Resurrection/OathSource: Dan Lyons presentation at INBOUND 2013: Tell me a story: When Mediaand Marketing become One
  19. 19. RealityMediaDataAlgorithmMeaningNarrativeSo what?RealityMediaDataAlgorithmNew narrativeMeaning-1Narrative -1Meaning-nNarrative-nOld narrativeWhat-ifrealities
  20. 20. Thank YouQuestions?Happy Blogging!Image source: