St. Clair Hospital HouseCall Vol VI Issue 3

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St. Clair Hospital's community newsletter sharing new medical technologies, patient stories and health tips.

Transcript of St. Clair Hospital HouseCall Vol VI Issue 3


    YEARS | 1954 - 2014CELEBRAT ING

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    Three generations of the Chiappetta family of Mt. Lebanon

  • Family birth center

    2 I HouseCall I Volume VI Issue 3

  • WelcomeWorld!to the

    The St. Clair Family Birth Center: delivering babies since 1954

    When St. Clair Hospital opened its doors in 1954, those doors ledstraight to the Maternity Department, right off the main lobby onthe First Floor. The placement of the department in such a primespot reflected its significance to the brand new hospital, which was initially

    developed to provide emergency care, medical-surgical care, and maternity

    care to the people of the South Hills. Women would no longer need to be driven

    long distances to have their babies; they could have them close to home, in

    their own neighborhood. It was the fulfillment of a dream for the people of

    the South Hills.

    Sixty years later, St. Clair Hospital still places a high priority on offering

    the best quality obstetrical care to the women of the community. Over the

    decades, many things have changed in the care of mothers and babies, but

    St. Clairs commitment to providing high quality obstetrical services stands

    stronger than ever. The maternity unit of 1954 has undergone relocations

    and transformations, evolving into the freshly renovated, sparkling, state-of-

    the-art Family Birth Center that now welcomes more than 1,400 newborns

    a year into the world.

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    At St. Clair Hospitals Family Birth Center, no birth is routine, and no baby is ordinary.

    Every delivery is a miracle, and every baby, a wonder to behold. In the Family Birth

    Center, the care is outstanding, and the environment matches the beauty of the work

    that takes place there. It is an exceptional, special place within the Hospital, artfully

    designed to blend the comforts of home with the clinical safety and quality of a first rate,

    award-winning medical facility. For families of newborns, the Family Birth Center at

    St. Clair Hospital is a place of welcome.

    Volume VI Issue 3 I HouseCall I 3

  • clinical excellence comes First

    At St. Clairs Family Birth Center, clinical excellence and patient safety

    come first. A highly credentialed team of board-certified obstetricians and

    pediatricians, plus a team of expert nurses, provides the highest quality,

    advanced care to mothers and babies. The Family Birth Center staff prides

    itself on its outstanding record of safe deliveries and healthy newborns.

    For obstetrician Stephanie S. Brown, M.D., St. Clair is an ideal facility

    for childbirth. St. Clair is a very safe place to have a baby, she says.

    We have excellent outcomes.

    St. Clair is distinctive among hospitals for the quality and range of

    pediatric services that complement the excellent obstetric department.

    Since 1994, St. Clair has had 24-hour, in-house pediatric coverage, led by

    Dayle B. Griffin, M.D., a board-certified pediatric hospitalist, plus a team

    of pediatricians with advanced training. A pediatrician attends every

    C-section, premature birth, and high-risk birth, such as the delivery of

    multiples, and manages the care of the infants who require care in the

    Family Birth Centers Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The

    NICU has a nurse-baby ratio of 1:1 to 1:3, depending on acuity, and a

    maximum of six babies, who may need antibiotics, oxygen, monitoring,

    or more time to grow. Every infant born at St. Clair receives a hearing

    screening and CCHD screening, a simple yet extremely important test

    that helps in the early identification of critical

    congenital heart defects.

    I think so highly of Dr. Griffin and

    her team, says obstetrician

    Tera S. Conway, M.D. Knowing that

    an excellent pediatrician is always

    here, immediately available, gives

    comfort to parents and enhances

    our quality of care.

    Dr. Griffin takes pride in the high quality of pediatric services at

    St. Clair. Our team of expert pediatric hospitalists provides round-the-clock

    coverage, so families can feel confident that their baby is in good hands

    and that any problems that might arise will be skillfully managed, she

    says. We have 70 pediatricians on staff here who come to St. Clair to

    provide care for their newborn patients; our hospitalists stay in contact

    with them to assure a smooth transition from the Hospital. Its important

    to all of us that our mothers take home healthy babies. Our entire team of

    obstetricians, nurses, pediatric hospitalists, and community pediatricians

    works toward that goal.

    First rate Facilities and a Warm, safe environment

    The Family Birth Center features 11 LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery,

    postpartum) rooms, plus eight post-partum rooms that blend beauty and

    functionality. The rooms are ingeniously designed to camouflage the

    technology without sacrificing safety or efficiency, and are fully equipped

    for emergencies. The transformation from labor room to delivery room

    happens expeditiously, and most of the time, the new family stays together

    in the same room. According to Linda McIntyre, RN, MSN, director of

    Women and Children Services, the Family Birth Center environment is

    both aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic. We have a beautiful

    environment with spacious rooms that are almost twice the size of the

    average hospital room. The dcor is homelike and tranquil, with the

    amenities of a hotel and the clinical safety of a hospital. Our unit is

    private and secure.

    4 I HouseCall I Volume VI Issue 3

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    Family birth center

  • 14 obstetricians deliver babies Reputation for overall excellence Highly credentialed obstetricians and nurses Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Leading-edge labor and delivery suites 24-hour pediatrician coverage

    The Family Birth Center at St. Clair

    New parents Catherine O'Hara, M.D. and Benjamin Susco, M.D.brought son Nathan back to the Family Birth Center to showhim to staff, including Sharon Johnson, RNC, clinical supervisorof the FBC, and Linda McIntyre, RN, MSN, director of Womenand Children Services.

    All of the Hospitals LDRP rooms blend beauty and functionality.

    Volume VI Issue 3 I HouseCall I 5

    Phenomenal nurses

    The Family Birth Center offers a warm embrace to newborn families,

    with the reassurance of a highly competent, experienced, and caring

    nursing staff. If you have your baby at St. Clair Hospital, you will receive

    care that is clinically excellent, personalized, and family centered. Youll

    leave here feeling confident that you can take care of your baby. Youll feel

    supported every step of the way, promises Sharon Johnson, RNC,

    clinical supervisor of the Family Birth Center. Sharon knows of what she

    speaks: she has 32 years of obstetric nursing experience and gave birth

    to all three of her own children at St. Clair. Our professional team is our

    greatest asset. We have the best nursing staff and great obstetricians.

    The nurses are all RNs and are cross-trained to care for both mothers

    and babies. We have a sub-group of nurses who are Level II neonatal

    nurses, able to stabilize and care for babies with special needs. We have

    great depth of experience on our staff and nursing education is a constant.

    Women in labor receive one-to-one nursing care, and as often as

    possible, continuity is provided by having the same nurse provide

    postpartum care for the mother and her baby. Mothers receive thorough

    education in infant care and feeding, and strong support for breastfeeding,

    according to Sharon. We have lactation consultants on staff and we

    promote the benefits of breastfeeding. We also have breastfeeding

    classes and a support group. We encourage skin-to-skin contact at

    delivery, and first-day pumping. Our lactation consultants are available

    to mothers after discharge, and our staff nurses are available 24/7 by

    phone to answer parents questions.

    Sharon says that obstetric nursing is uniquely rewarding. Theres

    a bond between the nurse and the parents. Helping a couple through

    childbirth is an intense and intimate experience; it means something

    to the parents that you were there helping them at this incredibly

    important event. It can be emotional: when you see a father crying at

    delivery, when you place a baby in a mothers arms for the first time.

    You cant help but be moved. Emotion is part of the job.

    Dr. Griffin says that the Family Birth Centers phenomenal nurses

    are versatile, dedicated, and committed to excellence. Our nurses take

    time with the mothers and give them personal care and individualized

    teaching. It makes a difference.n







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