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2. Agenda Introductions Why blueButler iDR? InvestmentblueButler iDR for Insurance 3. Why blueButler iDR?blueButler iDR Enables Agencies to: Improve Customer Retention Rates. Grow Your Existing Book of Business. Improve the Quality of the Customer Experience. Maintain a Highly Qualified Workforce. Enhance the Value of the Agency Management System. Mitigate E&O exposure. blueButler iDR for Insurance 4. Customer Retention & Revenue Growth blueButler iDR enables Agencies to: Proactively manage the Renewal process. Automates Campaigns Identify new leads and revenue growth opportunities. Close business over the phone. Communicate to Agents critical information such as new productofferings, competitive intelligence, and compliance matters.blueButler iDR for Insurance 5. WHAT IS blueButler iDR iDR? Secure Phone Recording technology Turnkey Windows system Integrated Suite of Applications and Reports Agency Management System integration blueButler iDR for Insurance 6. Errors & Ommisions blueButler iDR enables Agencies to: Automatically transfer recorded calls to the AgencyManagement System. Minimize investigative costs and payouts. Real-time access to recorded conversations. Reduce the risk of creating a disgruntled customer.blueButler iDR for Insurance 7. Highly Qualified WorkforceblueButler iDR enables Agencies to: Implement Customer Service Best Practices. Provide Sales training designed for the Insurance Industry, byInsurance Industry subject matter experts. Offer training in multiple formats. Improve Employee Satisfaction.blueButler iDR for Insurance 8. Improve the Quality of the CustomerExperience blueButler iDR enables Agencies to: Develop and enforce Quality standards. Implement continuous quality improvement. Track and monitor telephone related business processes. Monitor telephone skills and offer improvement efforts.blueButler iDR for Insurance 9. Improve the Value of Your CRM or Agency Management SystemblueButler iDR enables Agencies to: Realize seamless integration/interoperability with all majorAgency Management Systems. Maintain a single repository for customer information and callrecordings. Provide Sales training designed for the InsuranceIndustry, by Insurance Industry subject matter experts. Offer training in multiple formats. Improve Employee Satisfaction.blueButler iDR for Insurance 10. FEATURES & BENEFITS Phone Call Recording Self-paced / Group Sales Training Automated Lead Audio ConsentGenerationScripts Peer-to-peer Objection HandlingtrainingTechniques Call-of-the-Week Agency Managementreviews System Connectionmodule Data Mining Call Activity Reports Quality Benchmarks / EvaluationsblueButler iDR for Insurance 11. Paste or email integration supported with every Agency Management (connection module in development for Broker Workstation) blueButler iDR for Insurance 12. Know what is happening in your business listen to calls; download /email to share; evaluate; include in your in-house training material Locate any recorded call with ease. Use the filter options to locate calls bydate, person, caller-id, and other criteria. Monitor real-time phone call activity. See who is on a call, for how long, andcompare calls per person.Link any recorded call on selected AgencyManagement System systems access andplay them directly from the AgencyManagement System client record.blueButler iDR for Insurance 13. blueButler iDR for Insurance 14. blueButler iDR for Insurance 15. blueButler iDR for Insurance 16. blueButler iDR for Insurance 17. blueButler iDR for Insurance 18. blueButler iDR for Insurance 19. BROKER FEEDBACKAccess Insurance GroupMcCam Insurance(Improved business efficiencies)(Higher retention rates)Advocate Insurance GroupWillis Canada(Call review training & dispute resolution) (E&O mitigation)Haber Blain Insurance Brokers(Higher retention rates, reduced paperwork, 6 month payback) blueButler iDR for Insurance 20. BOTTOM LINE IMPACT Mitigate your E&O Exposure Drive Revenue Improve renewal rates Up-sell / cross-sell lead conversions New business Protect your Customer Base Know what your customers are hearing Improve your Customer Experience Coaching / training CSR Best PracticesblueButler iDR for Insurance 21. APPENDIX Trunk / Station-side Recording IP Station Recording Dialogic option ArchitectureblueButler iDR for Insurance 22. PUBLIC TELEPHONE network PRI/T1/E1 or Analog trunk tapsTrunk-side SMDR data feed from PBXRecording Phone System(PBX / KEY)Digital or AnalogStation tapsStation-sideRecording PBX Digital or Analog PhonesblueButler iDR for Insurance 23. IP station RecordingblueButler iDR for Insurance 24. DIALOGIC OPTION Playback Privacy using any phone On-Demand Recording Live Monitor any recorded phonePUBLIC blueButlerTELEPHONEnetworkiDR (local or remote access) Server Broadcast MessagingPBX / KEY systemDialogic card(s)- Digital station emulation- Analog lineblueButler iDR for Insurance 25. PBX LAN INTERNETApplianceIP Application ServerPUBLICTELEPHONE PBXLAN OPTION:network Virtual IT infrastructureApplianceREMOTE (e.g., VMWare on blade(Call processing /OFFICEservers with SAN) Call recording) blueButler iDR for Insurance