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  1. 1. ID Results Pty Ltd PO Box 1477 Strawberry Hills - Sydney - NSW 2012 - Australia ABN 39 130 764 715 Call +61 419 491 485 Email [email protected] Web www.idresults.com.au ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 COMPANY PROFILE
  2. 2. Page 2 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au WHY CHOOSE idResults? idResults is a boutique retail consulting firm. Strategic planning, strategic marketing and brand communication are our key areas of expertise and we are best known for our ability to create Brand Signature. This new and emerging field of marketing uses every touch point of a business to deliver a consistent brand impression and extend the brand experience beyond visual images by engaging other human senses like sound, smell and touch. Ask a past or current client why choose idResults? and they are most likely to say our innovative business solutions; the result of a collaborative effort with clients. While others will say its the way we develop them, using common sense logic, research and strategic insight. Our business initiatives are practical and cost effective. With assigned accountability and an agreed deadline, each one acts like a stepping-stone on a roadmap to success. idResults can make your business look bigger, help you work smarter and not harder and empower you to achieve better results sooner. A review of the following client case studies will help provide insight to our capability.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au As Board Chairman for the Jewellers Association of Australian (JAA), Graham Henrickson became acutely aware of a serious disparity between big and small business. If you are lucky enough to be at the big-end-of-town and in need of help, the challenge is deciding which expert to hire. While if you are a small business, the first hurdle is to find an expert and the second is to find one you can afford. So, when he left the corporate world in 2008, it was to start his own retail consulting firm. An accomplished CEO with a track-record for turning troubled businesses around, Graham founded idResults on the principle that big-end-of-town expertise should be affordable to a business regardless of its size. Combining global experience with local knowledge and strategic insight, idResults punches well above its weight and delivers work to a standard that exceeds many large firms. Graham is quick to identify the challenges and opportunities in a business and possesses a rare ability to formulate practical solution to address one and strategic initiatives to capitalise on the other. Integrity, honesty, trust and respect; are the Company values shared with a small number of handpicked strategic partners. Experts in Creative Design, Print Production, Training & Development, Web Design & Optimisation; all are tried and tested and each is a leader in their field. Clients of idResults are diverse and range from small start-ups to large multi-nationals. They include on-line, local as well as international retailers and brands. Regardless of the industry or if you are a single entity or a global brand; with his unique skill-set, expert knowledge and good old fashion talent; Graham Henrickson and idResults has the proven capability to bring your brand, your team and your business to life.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au The Graham Henrickson Story Successful management of a complex $multi-million international business Proven capability in strategic analysis and planning Skilled in developing comprehensive brand strategies with integrated marketing campaigns Experienced in the development and implementation of specialised training programs Versed in working with Government An experienced Company Director Graham was a 17-year-old high school student and weekend casual when the Myer City Store Manager convinced him to give up a career in law tp join the Myer 3 year management program. The youngest Sales Manager in Myer history and an Australian Junior Retail Executive of the Year winner, Graham spent 6 years working for Myer QLD while completing a degree in organisational psychology. Graduation was quickly followed by a promotion to Head Office in Melbourne. Over the next 6 years, he held senior executive positions in Organisation & Management Development, National Buying and Marketing. Exposure to many different functions of the Company coupled with strategic projects for the Executive Committee gave rise to his extensive retail knowledge and business acumen. However, it was his work on the Myer/Grace Bros. merger taskforce and results managing the most profitable buyership in the merged Company that saw his talents recognised at age 30 with his appointment as GM for one of the largest and fastest growing cosmetic brands in the country. After three successful years as head of Clarins Paris, he joined the Citizen Watch Co. as GM and in 4 years became the first non-Japanese Managing Director for Australia. He went on to become Regional MD for Oceania & Africa and when he left after 12 years, he was one of only three Anglo-Saxons to reach this level of seniority in the Citizen Group. Accountable for the Citizen business from Sydney to Johannesburg, Graham lead product design and development teams in Japan, Hong Kong and China and delivered record results year-on-year. At the request of the Company President, he became a mentor to selected senior executives from Japan and also joined the Board of the Jewellers Association of Australia as a special adviser. In just three years, he was elected as the JAA Board Chairman. In his final year at Citizen, he developed a bold new strategy for the brand that was approved by the Citizen Board in Tokyo. Graham and his team went on to break all records and deliver the biggest results in Citizen's 44-year history.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Web Strategy & Design SUPPORT LONG-TERM STRATEGY & CREATE Brand Signature Industry rivalry has seen competitors introduce new and more sophisticated marketing practices to secure and grow their business. So, the Directors of Panel One approached idResults for help. Our solution not only addressed this threat, it established the brand signature, provided the means to engage clients and helped grow the business.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Over twenty years in business, industry recognition and an alliance with one of the most recognised and sought after brands in the world, Panel One achieved all this without any investment in marketing or effort to build the brand. However, a failure to respond to a rapidly changing market could undo all these gains. Brand Identity The Panel One logo that served the Company well for over 20 years was retained. However, it was modernised and revitalised using colours deliberately chosen for their association with BMW. The logo has become the key element in the new signature for the Panel One brand. An Industry First Website idResults considers a website as the window to a business. It should reveal what the company does (purpose and nature), reflect the values and principles of the brand and draw attention to what differentiates it from competitors. Design, Function and Content are the 3 critical elements to be used to engage visitors to a website and determine the time spent on a site while Optimisation will help them find it. The Panel One website is not a traditional show and tell site, rather it acts as a portal to provide clients with a single point to access all the information and services they need from contacting their insurer, making a claim, arranging a quote, booking a replacement vehicle or even arranging a free limousine airport transfer. Underpinning the website is the understanding of the 2 most critical consumer concerns regarding smash repairs; 1) Time off the road, and 2) Quality of work New staff uniforms reflect the new brand signature of the website.
  7. 7. Page 7 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Central to the design is a series of banners that act like moving billboards to reveal what stands Panel One apart from others. On-line forms increased administrative efficiency, reduced errors and deliver better customer service.
  8. 8. Page 8 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Trade & Consumer Marketing A STRATEGIC APPROACH WITH STAND-OUT CREATIVE THAT DELIVERS RESULTS To launch a new brand in a highly competitive and saturated market requires a multi-level approach, a compelling case that considers and addresses the potential objections of retailers and creative that captures your audiences attention for all the right reasons.
  9. 9. Page 9 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au An introductory Post Card Flyer, an industry first brand Prospectus and strategically placed trade advertisments got the attention of retailers and resulted in over 100 opening orders in the first 5 days. . Provided to stores in advance of the opening order, the Retail Sales Guide empowered staff with step-by-step guides and the information needed to achieve sales from day 1.
  10. 10. Page 10 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Brand Activation packs delivered to stores along with eMail Campaign Updates kept store staff informed while competitions and rewards kept them engaged. WHO Weekly was ideal for a pre-Xmas campaign of eye- catching ads and national distribution of 140,000 printed brochures.
  11. 11. Page 11 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Media Strategy INTEGRATE DIGITAL WITH TRADITIONAL PRINT MEDIA Simply combining traditional with digital media will not guarantee a positive campaign result. However, integrating the two and using one to leverage and compliment the other can dramatically increase the reach & frequency of a campaign and can be done without increasing the cost.
  12. 12. Page 12 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au Gourmet Traveller and House & Garden, magazines that offered direct access to the Skagen target market in a competitor free environment with well-established digital marketing options. The campaign value far exceeded the budget and the message was delivered to a much larger audience for a fraction of the traditional $/per exposure cost. Print ads featuring a consumer competition drove traffic to the Skagen Denmark website; used to promote an in-store GIFT WITH PURCHASE promotion for Mothers Day. An on-line campaign used email newsletters distributed by both publications. An 8-page consumer brochure, co-operative advertising templates, store point of sale and advertisements were amongst the elements developed by idResults in a campaign that integrated print with digital media and delivered record results. 8 Page Consumer Brochure A different style of the same watch differentiated the campaign between House & Garden and Gourmet Traveller. Online Promotion Full Page Advertisement
  13. 13. Page 13 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au A Promotional Landing Page was the portal for a consumer competition, details of prizes, terms and conditions and access to the Skagen Denmark website and the complete range. Co-op advertising templates and store point of sale was provided to stores.
  14. 14. Page 14 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM ENGAGE RETAIL SALES STAFF & DELIVER INSTANT PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. Retail sales consultants working in stores influence the brands we buy and how much money we spend. With stores open 24/7 and staffed by a transient casual labour force, how do you connect with individual sales consults let alone deliver quality product knowledge and influence what they sell and how they sell it?
  15. 15. Page 15 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au To see an active site visit www.bymr.info Fully scalable, the idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM was developed in collaboration with Ganador Management Solutions; leading experts in retail education. Together, we designed a unique product that combines high impact brand marketing with advanced teaching methods in a way that engages retail staff and brings product information to life. Online assessments, games and quizzes evaluate retained knowledge while incentives and rewards motivate and build a positive association with your brand. Existing training assets are used where available, or new material including video can be provided to produce a professional training program and quality brand experience. So, you can be confident that the message you want delivered, is the one received. The potential benefit to a business that currently used its field sales force to deliver product knowledge training is significant. Implementing the idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM frees the sales force from the responsibility of staff training so they can concentrate on generating sales and building relationships with customers. Available 24/7, the idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM is helping BYMR successfully connect with retail sales consultants, deliver product education and influence what and how they sell.
  16. 16. Page 16 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au High impact email communication to retailers. Readable content, videos, printable Fact Sheets and a Quiz.
  17. 17. Page 17 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au idResults STRATEGIC PLANNING FRAMEWORK REMOVES THE MYSTERY THAT SURROUNDS STRATEGIC PLANNING Regardless of the economic conditions, there are brands that thrive while some struggle to survive and others simply fail and die. Having a strategic plan can make all the difference to this outcome. idResults has developed a strategic planning solution that can be applied to any business or brand regardless of size.
  18. 18. Page 18 of 18 ID Results Pty Ltd 2015 www.idresults.com.au A strategic plan is a professional document that replaces uncertainty with confidence. It can be used to secure the support of key stakeholders and can even increase the value of your business. Drawing on 20+ years experience in corporate strategy, Graham Henrickson has lifted the veil of mystery that surrounds the much touted but little understood subject of strategic planning. He did so by designing a unique strategic framework and then developed a workshop and process that empowers people to use it. Simple to follow and easy to understand, it allows you to build a profile of your business and identify the key factors affecting its performance. Known as the operating context, this is the set of unique circumstances specific to a Company. It provides the foundation of the strategy and underpins a set of business initiatives. With assigned accountability and an agreed deadline, each one acts like stepping- stone on a roadmap to success. A detailed business review developed by idResults provides the information needed to prepare your strategic plan. 4 COMPELLING REASONS FOR A STRATEGIC PLAN 1. Establish Agreed Goals 2. Defined Priorities 3. A Clear Plan of Action 4. Optimise Company Resources $2000 + GST for 1:1 or $2500 + GST for a team $1000 of the fee is redeemable against project work that arises from the plan.