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  • WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Krister Gransson
  • DIREctION Is A DOOR, NAvIGAtION Is tHE kEY.Directions. Our lives are spent giving and receiving them. Here, there. Right,left. Forward, back. Checking our bearings, making sure.We humans have always navigated through our world: by landmark and water,sun and stars. The technology we employ changes, but wayfinding knowledgedoes not: if you dont understand how to navigate, youre still lost. Thus, theskill to navigate by map and compassneither of which depends on advancedelectronics or batteriesis crucial. Whether exploring a wild mountain rangewhere the only available information is a printed map or the confusion of aforeign city. It can also be fun.Over the years, Silva has become a reliable and trusted navigation partneramong defense forces, expeditions to the remotest parts of the globe, andthe orienteering and adventure racing communities. One reason for this voteof confidence is the Silva 1-2-3 System that enables you to take and walk abearing in an easy and accurate way. The popular system evolves this yearwith colour-coding on the Field 1-2-3 Compass, a new memory tool for botheducational use and the infrequent navigator.Whichever Silva product you choose, the first question is always the same:WHERE ARE YOU GOING?
  • ExPEDITION Art. No. 35691-0001Hints & tipsMagnetic Declination Positioning with Cross-bearingsWhen compass and map are used Its simple to plot a compass bearing onto a map by following the Silva 1-2-3 System in re-together its important to know the verse order. Take a bearing to an object in the field that you can also locate on the map. Placelocal magnetic declination (i.e. the the compass on the map with the baseplates long side intersecting the object to which thedifference between true North bearing was taken. Draw a line along the baseplate, and your position is somewhere alongwhere the map meridians point this line. Repeat the procedure using another object that you can see from your current loca-and magnetic Northwhere the tion and youll be at the intersection of the two lines. For best accuracy, use objects that arecompass needle points). In areas on a 90-degree angle from each other versus your location. For even greater accuracy, usewith significant declination, ad- three lines.justments must be made to walk acorrect bearing; information con- 1 2 3 4 5 6cerning magnetic declination isfound on the topographic map. A E-VALUE 850 (METERS) GPS Coordinate Scales Use the GPS coordinate scales on the base plate to determine the 10 8 6 4 2 2 coordinates of a known position on the map (or to determine the position 4 6 of known coordinates on the map). 8 10
  • After some tough morning navigation in white-out conditions, UIAGM mountain guide Jimmy Odn and aspirant guide Johan Johansson push towards the goal of their expedition.tO tHE ENDsOF tHE EARtHeXpeDition seRiesFor explorers and search and rescue professionals, Silvas Expedition series has been the longtime global leaderin compass accuracy, precision and durability. Now two unique models represent the next step in advanced outdoornavigationthe Expedition base-plate compass and the Expedition S mirror-sighting compass. Both featureeasy-handling Dryflex housings, silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyards,night-enabling luminous markings, magnifying lens, map-measuring scales in mm or inches, 1:25,000, 1:50,000and GPS scales, plus built-in adjusters for magnetic declination (including permanent local adjustment). TheExpedition can also map-measure 1:40,000 and the Expedition S has both a clinometer for measuring slope angle,and 45-degree angle assistance on the mirror-sighting function. ExPEDITION S Art. No. 36827-1001
  • Hints & tipsPlanning a Route direction over long distances. Because objects that you pass, but in terrainBefore heading out it is important to you neednt lift your eyes from the com- where these dont exist there are twoalways plan your route. Your navigation- pass in order to look into the terrain, the other methods for judging distance: 1)al skills, physical condition and choice direction determined with the Silva 1-2- clockif you know your approximateof terrain will all affect your plan. Make 3 System becomes more accurate. speed (e.g., 4 km/h) you can easily cal-sure you create a plan that fits youits culate how long it should take to travelalways better to play it safe than to take Judging Distance / Time 3 km (45 minutes); 2) counting stepsifunnecessary risks. Its good to have an understanding you know your approximate stride of how far along your route youve trav- length (e.g. 0.8 m) count each step withMirror Sighting Compasses eled, especially when walking a bearing your right foot; in this case it would takeA mirror-sighting compass is at its best in according to the Silva 1-2-3 System. 62 steps to travel 100 meters, or 620open terrain where you must determine This is normally done by checking steps/km.
  • ALL-tERRAINvEHIcLERAnGeR seRiesThe series most popular among mountaineers and backpackers has expanded. The Rangertraditional base-plate compass is joined by two mirror-sighting modelsRanger S and RangerSL. While all three feature a detachable safety-release lanyard and luminous markings for nightnavigation, each also bears something unique: Ranger and Ranger S feature DryFlex grip for easyhandling and come with a use-anywhere declination scale inside the capsule, a magnifying lens,and base plate map-measuring in mm and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000; Ranger S has theadditional benefit of 45-degree angle assistance on the mirror sighting function; Ranger SL offershands-free navigation. Go anywhere tools for serious compass users. RANGER Art. No. 36985-6001 Night Use Scales RANGER S Art. No. 36825-6001 Night Use Mirror Sighting Scales RANGER SL Art. No. 34952-1011 Night Use Mirror Sighting Sun Watch
  • Orienteer Helena Jansson holds six medalsfrom World Championships and navigatesusing the Silva 6 Jet Spectra compass.
  • A nAtURAL FitIt was 1933, a mere 14 years after modern orienteer- We share the same heritage, and we both seek toing became a competitive sport. Wishing to improve be world leaders in navigation and orienteering. Wetheir equipment so as to achieve better results, an both work in teams to innovate in the biggerpicture,entrepreneurial trio of champion Swedish orienteers as well as provide optimal conditions for individualput their heads together. The liquid compassmore performances.precise and easier to usewas born, and with it, SOFT has been quite successful in this. Despite theirthe Silva brand. Though much in the company has youth, athletes such as Helena Jansson, Peter bergchanged since then, one thing remains the same: and Martin Johansson have, in the last few years,Silva compasses are still the first choice for orien- commanded starring roles on the international stage,teers around the world. As farm, field and forest collecting several World Championship medals. Andpass underfoot, we pass through their hands. we have celebrated with them.As a company, we are navigators, circling the globe, With shared goals, of course, come shared demands:solving cross-country complexities. Yet often our the compasses and headlamps used by the Nationalmost difficult challenge is navigating the myriad of Team need to perform flawlessly. In tough conditions,possible partnerships with sport, culture or char- the athletes rely on their equipment to be able to makeity organizationsidentifying a project with values fast decisions, lest they lose time. Their desire to winclose to the brands own. Thats why the connec- inspires us as wellwe cant rest in the race to im-tion between Silva and the Swedish Orienteering prove our products. In the end, we work well togetherFederation (SOFT) is so natural and comfortable. because we make each other better. A natural fit.
  • Kristina Nordenmark6 JET SPECTRAArt. No. 35677-9901 (left) 66 OMC SPECTRA Art. No. 36349-1901 Hints & tipsArt. No. 35832-9901 (right) Attack Point Scales An attack point is a position on the map after which you have no significant terrain objects to followeither to the final goal or to a new hand rail to follow. At this point 5 JET you should use the Silva 1-2-3 System to Art. No. 35756-6001 Scales travel a bearing from the map. Keeping Track of Position By checking terrain objects you can easily keep track of position and also be ready when its time to change direction If you6 NOR SPECTRA 1 JET ExPLORER keep the map oriented North and yourArt. No. 34517-9901 (left) Art. No. 36347-6001Art. No. 36881-9901 (right) Scales thumb on your current position, it will be easy (and quick) to find your last known Scales position the next time you look at the map.
  • To the left: Helena Jansson. In this picture: Silva Gerber Adventure; two times World Championship bronze medalists in adventure racing. Team mates Robert Lindberg, Martina Hk, Bjrn Rydvall and Mattias Nystrm going for the gold in Explore Sweden Monster 2010.tIMEs ARROWRAce seRiesWhen youre trying to beat the clock, theres no time to waste on figuring out what your compass is saying. Whetherorienteering, adventure racing or another competitive situation, you can rely on Silvas Race Series: stable,easy to use, and easy to read. The 6 Jet Spectra is an optimal thumb compass for orienteers, available in left orright-hand versions. Favourite of the worlds best orienteers, the needle is fast-dampening towards North, extremelystable while running, and fluorescent for clear and easy reading. 6 Nor Spectra is the classic Norcompass with theSpectra System; stable and wide needle for fast reading, strong magnet for quick dampening, and clear base platefor easy map reading. The 1 Jet Explorer features a large magnifying lens with professional performance and awide, fast and extremely stable Jet-needle. A special magnet combines with a dampening plate on the needle foroptimal orienteering. The needle is also fluorescent for fast and easy readingjust like the 5 Jet, a compass forextreme competition with specially constructed capsule, stability while running and quick dampening combinedwith a special magnet for optimal orienteering. 66 OMC Spectra attaches to the wrist and constantly gives you Northwhen reading the map, optimal for competitive map-reading specialists.
  • sILvA1-2-3 sYstEMi KnoW mY position on tHe mAp.HoW Do i Go to A LAKe in tHe FoRest tHAt i see on tHe mAp?The easiest way to set a course towards the lake is with a simple and safe system used by expeditions,youth organisations, mountain guides, armies, orienteers and other navigators the world over: theSilva 1-2-3 System.1. Place the compass on the map 2. Rotate the compass housing 3. Hold the compass in hand and turnwith the edge of the compass along until N on the dial points North on your body until the red end of thethe desired line of travel. Make sure the map. Check that the compass compass needle (North) coincidesDirection of Travel arrow points housing red/black North/South with the red arrow in the bottom oftowards your destination. lines are parallel with the maps the compass housing. The front of meridians. the compass with the direction of travel arrow is now pointing towards your destination.NOTE: If using a mirror-sighting compass: angle the mirror/lid approximately 45 degrees towards yourself and holdwith straight arm out in front of you. Now, while looking in the mirror to see that the needle aligns with the red/blackN/S arrow, sight above the mirror (using the sight) towards an object in the field in line with the direction of travel.
  • Hints & tipsUnderstanding Map Features Navigating SafelyBeing able to visualize the terrain de- Both when planning and traveling, use represents distance. Using the mapspicted on a topographic map is key to significant terrain objects to mark your scale, you can measure distance withboth planning and travel. Contour lines route. Examples include rivers and lakes, the compass base plate. If your compassrepresent the topography or vertical hills, fields, paths, roads and power lines. lacks the corresponding scale, use theshape of the landscape, helping identify By holding onto this visual hand-rail you regular metric ruler and this simple rule:features like mountains, valleys and travel faster and more safely, reducing drop the last three digits from the scaleridges; the closer the lines, the steeper the number of possible route-finding and this is the number of metres on thethe slope. Topographic maps are also errors. ground represented by 1mm on the map;colour-coded: blue for water; white for e.g, on a 1:50.000 map, 1mm represents 50open terrain, green for forest; black for Understanding Scales / Distances metres. (NOTE: special map measurersroads, paths, buildings and other man- A map is a scaled down model of reality, also work with most map scales to makemade objects. so its important to understand how it distance measurement easy.)
  • FIELD 1-2-3 1-2-3 Art. No. 36985-9001 GO! Direction FIELD Art. No. 36989-9001 ScalesINtOtHE WILDFieLD seRiesThe Field Series comprises two entry-level compasses designed to meet the educationaldemands of schools, youth groups and leisure outdoor navigators. A new take on thisclassic, the Field 1-2-3, features easy-to-use Silva 1-2-3-GO! support technology andcolour-coded graphicsstudents and occasional users will never again wonder howto use their compass with a map. The original Field has base plate map-measuringin mm and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 compatible with most maps. Both modelsfeature DryFlex rubber bezel for improved comfort and grip, and a detachablesafety-release lanyardreliable companions in all situations!
  • Hints & tipsOrientation of the MapOrientation of the map is the quickestand easiest way to use map andcompass together and to avoid naviga-tional mistakes. Simply turn the mapso the maps meridians are alignedwith the compass needle and that upon the map points North. Now everymove you make will match the properdirection: turning right on the mapalso means turning right in reality.
  • stREEt METROsMARt N Art. No. 36906-1001 (black) W E Art. No. 36906-2001 (turquoise) S Direction Art. No. 36906-3001 (pink) Art. No. 36906-4001 (green) Art. No. 36906-6001 (white)metRo seRiesHave you ever walked out of a subway station in the steel-and-glasscanyon of a new city, map in hand, and wondered which way to go? Thatwont happen when youre carrying Silvas new Metro compass. Thecool, ultra-compact design marries mobility with ease-of-use for quickorientation in the fast-moving urban environment. The simple Northpointer is your indispensable assistant while navigating with map or GPS.Metro features a durable rubber housing and a carabineer for attachingto a rucksack or clothing. The single model comes in five chic coloursblack, white, turquoise, pink, and green.
  • AccEssORIEsmAp cAses compAss cAsesThese all-round waterproof map cases are suitable for every outdoor Keep your important instruments handy andactivity, maintaining flexibility in temperatures down to -20C. Map Case protected with these smart, stylish casesPath is designed to take printed A4 paper maps and Map Case Trail is designed for our Expedition and Expedition Sdesigned to take your favorite map folded, both are fully transparent compasses. Theres a case for each compass,allowing map viewing through both sides of the case. The full-size Map both in black with orange strapping. The casesCase Navigator houses all common maps and has a grey coloured back attach to your belt.side and a transparent front side. All map cases have the Silva 1-2-3System printed on the back to assist in map and compass navigation. COMPASS CASE ExPEDITION Art. No. 37163-01MAP CASE NAvIGATOR MAP CASE PATH MAP CASE TRAILArt. No. 55052 Art. No. 55053 Art. No. 55051 COMPASS CASE ExPEDITION S Art. No. 37163-02mAp meAsURes spectRA mAGniFieRA well-planned journey begins in the comfort of your own home and The perfect accessory for detailed map reading,includes the linking of daily stages totaling the distance you wish to cover. this magnifier is designed for Silva model 6This leaves time to enjoy the trip once youre actually on it. Map Measurer thumb compasses.Plus is a digital map measurer with a modern waterproof design. It offersa choice of scale, makes measurements in kilometres, miles or nauticalmiles, and has a time-to-destination calculator and countdown timer. SPECTRA MAGNIFIER Art. No. 36640 (left)The Analogue Measurer comes with a pointer and choice of eight scales Art. No. 36639 (right)between 1:15,000 1:750,000.MAP MEASURER MAP MEASURER PLUSArt. No. 55066 Art. No. 55068
  • SILvA COMPASS CHART ACTIVIT Y COMPASS NAVIGATION MAGNIFIER DECLINATION MAP SCALES GPS NIGHT USE CLINOMETER WEIGHT T YPE SYSTEM POSITIONING SCALES GPS Declination Scales Romer Scale Night UseMETRO North North - - - - - - 13g Pointer PointerFIELD 1-2-3 Silva - - - - - - 28g Base plate 1-2-3 Go! TMFIELD Silva 1-2-3 - Declination 1:25000, - - - 28g Base plate System Scale 1:50000 mmRANGER Silva 1-2-3 Declination 1:25000, - - 33g Base plate System Scale 1:50000 mmRANGER S Mirror Silva 1-2-3 1:25000, - - 58g Declination Sighting System 1:50000 mm ScaleRANGER SL Mirror Silva 1-2-3 - - mm - - 23g Sighting System ExPEDITION Silva 1-2-3 1:25000, 1:40000, 50g Declination Base plate System 1:50000 mm/inches AdjustmentExPEDITION S Silva 1-2-3 1:25000, 1:50000, 86g Mirror Declination System mm/inches Sighting Adjustment1 JET ExPLORER Silva 1-2-3 - 1:15000mm - - - 47g Base plate System 5 JET Silva 1-2-3 - - 1:15000mm - - - 47g Base plate System 6 NOR SPECTRA Thumb - - 1:15000mm - - - 30g Spectra Compass6 JET SPECTRA Thumb - - 1:15000mm - - - 29g Spectra Compass66 OMC SPECTRA Wrist - - - - - - 28g Spectra Compass compass activity icons compass icons Orienteering/ N Climbing Camping Sun watch GPS Romer Night Use Scales W E Direction Adventure Sun Watch Romer Scale e Scale Night Use Scales S Direction Field sports Urban use Education 1-2-3 Mirror Magnifier Declination Clinometer GO! Direction Declination Direction Mirror Sighting Sighting Hiking Military Compass Navigation Type System
  • 41243-1silva sweden AB (HQ) silva France sarlTel: +46 (0)8 623 43 00 Tel: +33 (0)1 30 92 66 [email protected] [email protected] Ltd Fiskars Brands Finland OyTel: +44 (0)1506 406 277 Tel: +358 (0)9 3509 [email protected] [email protected] Deutschland GmbH Fiskars Australia/New ZealandTel: +49 (0)6171 9128501 Tel: +61 3 8645 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] WWW.sILvA.sE