Seriously Searching Social

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Mary Ellen Bates Sept 29, 2014 Seriously Searching Social

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It’s not just likes, follows, fans, status updates, and tweets. Social media offers opportunities to search breaking news, acquire background information, identify thought leaders, and provide perspective on research projects. At the same time, participation in social networks can expose too much personal information about you, your research projects, and potentially your employer. Super searcher Mary Ellen Bates leads us through the uncharted wilderness of social networks and demonstrates how researchers can effectively put these information sources to work.

Transcript of Seriously Searching Social

  • 1. Seriously Searching Social Mary Ellen Bates Sept 29, 2014
  • 2. Social networks are. A waste of time An invasion of privacy Not allowed by my employer Self-promotion machines For my friends, not the public Just not my thing @mebs 3
  • 3. Strategic social media profiles Your name, photo, brief bio/profile Assume your boss is reading updates Assume your competitors are reading Share! Build your network! @mebs 5
  • 4. The network effect @mebs 6
  • 5. Dont worry... just be smart! @mebs 7
  • 6. Facebook @mebs 8
  • 7. Who can see my stuff? @mebs 9
  • 8. LinkedIn @mebs 10
  • 9. @mebs 11
  • 10. Twitter @mebs 12
  • 11. @mebs 13
  • 12. Google Plus Create circles of friends, family, acquaintances, people you follow Post to specific circles Scroll down to Profile @mebs 14
  • 13. @mebs 15
  • 14. Stealth research DOs & DONTs @mebs 16
  • 15. DOs Set privacy settings to STUN Manage clients expectations Anonymize any requests for help Remember, this aint Dialog @mebs 17
  • 16. DONTs DONT assume the 80:20 rule DONT leave footprints DONT name names when asking for help @mebs 18
  • 17. Social search strategies @mebs 19
  • 18. Social search strategies Use nicknames for people-searching Search groups as well as individuals Use Advanced Search (LinkedIn, Twitter) Make a case for premium accounts @mebs 20
  • 19. What are you researching? People Opinions Breaking news Leads to other info Images ( @mebs 21
  • 20. Searching for individuals LinkedIn Best chance of professional background Facebook People named xxx who live in xxx Twitter, Google Plus Use phrase search @mebs 22
  • 21. Getting opinions LinkedIn Use Advanced Search for prior employees Twitter #hashtags @mebs 23
  • 22. Following breaking news Open Newsroom Storyful/Google+ project Journalists fact-check videos, news items Twitter #keyword NEAR:location WITHIN:nmi @mebs 24
  • 23. #ebola NEAR:atlanta WITHIN:20mi @mebs 25
  • 24. Finding the next source Look for tweets with links Topsy, IceRocket have Links filters Twitter search: keywords filter:links Look for LinkedIn Groups @mebs 26
  • 25. Facebook hack books liked by people who like {name of famous person} @mebs 27
  • 26. Books liked by people who like danah boyd @mebs 28
  • 27. Want more? See CSI Social Media: The Rise of Information Forensics The Information Advisors Guide to Internet Research, Sept. 2014 @mebs 29
  • 28. Final thoughts... Be collegial Be curious (Ello, anyone?) Be cautious Be creative @mebs 30
  • 29. Reluctant-entrepreneur. com @mebs 31
  • 30. You can reach me at [email protected] +1 303 772 7095, Twitter: @mebs LinkedIn: maryellenbates Facebook: maryellenbates Google +: +maryellenbates @mebs 32