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    Compiled by Mathilde Tagger

    Abbreviations Abbreviations of Indexed Journals JQR= Jewish Quarlerly Review, London. 1889-1908 & Philadelphia, 1910-2000, REJ= Revue des Etudes Juives. Paris, 1880-2000. SEF= Sefarad, Instito Arias Montano, Madrid, 1941-2000. Abbreviated words cem. = cemetery cent. = century doc. = document fam. = family incl .= includes gen. = generations geneal. = genealogy/genealogical hist. = history tbst. = tombstones.

    BIOGRAPHIES See also same surnames under "Family Histories"

    Abnarrabi Simon de Gilleuma, J.M. Crescas Abnarrabi, medico oculista de la Aljama leridana. SEF, 1958, 18: 83-97. [Crescas Abnarrabi, oculist physician in the Aljama of Lerida]

    Notes: In Lerida in the 15th cent. Aboab Roth, C. Immanuel Aboab's proselytization of the Marranos. JQR, 1932-33, 23:121-

    162. Notes: Incl. The geneal. tree of the Aboab family, 15th-end of the 17th cent.- 8 gen.


    BibliographySephardimJournalarticlesTagger.pdf 2

    Abrabanel, Don Isaac Kaufmann, D. Don Isaac Abrabanel et le commerce des pices calicut. REJ, 1899, 38,75: 145-147. [Don Isaac Abrabanel and the spice trade }.

    Notes: West Indies by the end of the 15th cent. Abulafia Chapira, B. Contribution l'tude du Divan de Todros ben Iechoua Halevi Aboulafia.

    REJ, 1941-45, 106:1-33. [ Contribution to the study of the poem by Todros ben Yehoshia Halevy Aboulafia].

    Notes: Toledo. Incl. fam. tree: 12th-end of the 14th cent; 6 gen. Alcalay Loker, Z. Le Rabbin Juda ben Salomon Hay Alcalay et l'Alliance Isralite Universelle

    a propos de ses lettres indites. REJ, 1985, 144:127-144. [Rab. Juda b. Salomon Alcalay and the A.I.U. ; on his unpublished letters]

    Notes: Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia in mid 19th.cent. Fervent sionist. Antebi Lazar, L. Albert Antebi aprs sa dmission de l'Alliance Isralite Universelle (1913-

    1919). REJ, 1989, 148: 113-120. [Albert Antebi after he quited the Alliance Isralite Universelle (1913-1919)].

    Notes: Lived in Jerusalem. On his sionism and the AIU-sionism movement relationships.

    De Barrios Glaser, E. Two notes on the Hispano-Jewish poet Don Miguel de Barrios. REJ, 1965, 124:201-211.

    Notes: Lived (1635-1701). Schollberg, K. Miguel de Barrios and the Amsterdam sephardic community. JQR, 1962-63,53:120-159.

    Notes: 17th cent. Miguel de Barrios ,first named Daniel Levi (1635-1701) lived in Italy, West Indies, Amsterdam; former Marrano.

    Ben Israel Bethencourt, Cardozo de. Lettres de Menasseh Ben Israel a Isaac Vossins (1651-1655). REJ, 1904, 49,97: 98-109. [ Menasseh Ben Israel's letters to Isaac Voissins (1651-1655)].

    Notes: In Holland. Stern, A. Menasseh ben Israel et Cromwell. REJ, 1883, 4:96-111.

    Notes: 17th cent. in the U.K. Benjamin of Tudela Adler, M.N. The itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela. JQR, 1904,16:453-473, 715-

    733 + 1905, 17:.123-141, 286-396, 514-530, 762-781 + 1906, 18:84-101, 664-691. Notes: Many names of persons he met in France, Italy, Constantinople, Lebanon and Erets Yisrael.

    Bernal Roth, C. Abraham Nues Bernal et autres martyrs contemporains de l'Inquisition. REJ, 1936, 100Bis, 99/100: 38-51. [Abraham Nues Bernal and Inquisition other contemporary martyrs].

    Notes: In 1655 in Portugal. Incl. many names. Capsali Porges, N. Elie Capsali et sa chronique de Venise. REJ, 1923, 77,157: 20-40 +

    1924, 78: 15-34 + 1924, 79: 28-60 . [Elie Capsali and his Venice chronicle]. Notes: In the 16th cent. Was born in Candia.

    Rabinowicz, H. Joseph Colon and Moses Capsali. JQR , 1956-57, 47: 337-344. Notes: Joseph Colon from Italy (1420-1480); Moses Capsali from Constantinople

    (1420-1495). Caspi Bernheimer, C. Le pote Samuel Caspi. REJ, 1913,66,131: 104-110. [The poet

    Samuel Caspi] Notes: Rabbi in Carpentras, France, from 1580 to 1615. Incl. Hebrew doc..

    Carcassoni Kaufmann, D. David Carcassoni et le rachat par la communaut de Constantinople des Juifs faits prisonniers durant la perscution de Chmielnicky. REJ, 1892, 25,49: 202-216. [ David Carcassoni and the redempdtion of Chmielnicky Jewish prisonners, victims of persecution, by the Constantinople community in mid 17th cent.].


    BibliographySephardimJournalarticlesTagger.pdf 3

    Notes: mid 17th cent. 3000 Jewish prisonners from Poland were kept in Crimea. Cohen de Lara Schwab, M. Trois letters de David Cohen de Lara. REJ, 1900, 40, 79: 95-98. [Three

    letters from David Cohen de Lara]. Notes: Letters from Hamburg to Paris, dated 1640-42. Eblagon Rivlin, B. Rabbi Abraham Eblagon and the Cretan Jewry. REJ, 1993, 152: 371-396

    Notes: Born in Istanbul in 1846, Died in Candia (Heraklion) in 1946. Crete Chief Rabbi. His life and the Cretan Jewish community.

    Emmanuel Roth, C. Le psautier de Bry - manuscrit hebreu enlumine (Espagne 15th s.- Florence 1489). REJ, 1965, 124: 375-388. [ The de Bry Psalter - a Hebrew illuminated manuscript Spain 15th cent - Florence, Italy 1489].

    Notes: Incl. Geneal. tree (7 gen.) of Isaac ben Emmanuel de San Miniato. Fano (da) Kaufmann, D. Menahem Azarya da Fano et sa famille. REJ, 1897, 35,70: 84-87.

    [Menahem Azarya de Fano and his family]. Notes: Italy and Safed in the 17th-18th cent.

    Kaufman, D. Menahem de Fano et les ouvrages de Moise Corduero et d'Isaac Louria. REJ, 1898, 36, 71: 108-111. [Menahem de Fano and the works of Moise Corduero and Isaac Louria]. Notes: 17th-18th cent. Italy and Safed. Kaufmann, D. Menahem Azaya de Fano. REJ , 1900, 39, 77: 113-118. Notes: Italy and Safed, He died 5 Aug. 1620. A story on his grave..

    Farhi Franco, M. Les Juifs de l'Empire Ottoman au 19e sicle. REJ, 1893, 26,51: 111-130. {Jews of the Ottoman Empire].

    Notes: Under the reign of the Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839). Inc. the story of Haim Farhi from Akko, born in Damascus & murdered in Elul 181. Incl. too the short histories of the Adjiman, Carmona and Gabai fam.

    Ferro Gottheil, R.J.H. Some Spanish documents. JQR, 1904, 16: 702-714. Notes: Incl. Marranos pedigree- Luisa Ferro Corticos. Geneal. tree (6 gen.).

    Goa (de) Fischel, W.J. Leading Jews in the service of Portuguese India: 1. Coge Abraham; 2. Moses Tobias of Surat. JQR, 1956-57, 47: 37-47.

    Notes: Abraham of Goa had a position during the years 1575-1594 in Goa, India. Tobias died in 1769..

    Graciani Jona, S. Abraham Joseph Salomon Graciani. REJ, 1882, 4: 113-126. Notes: Hebrew poet in Modena in the 17th cent; incl. Biographies of some other

    members of the fam. Jessurun Kaufamnn, D. Isaac Jeshurun-Alvares of London. JQR, vol.1, 1889, p.284-286.

    Notes: died: 9 Iyar 5495 (1735), Burried in Vienna. Includes the whole epitaph. Roth, C. Memorable relacon de Yshac Jesurun. SEF, 1946, 6:313-329. [Memorable report of Isaac Jessurun]. Notes: Blood libel victim in 1622 in Ragusa (Dubrovnik)..

    Laguna Kayseling, M. The Jews of Jamaica and Daniel Lopez Laguna. JQR, 1900, 12: 700-717. Notes: Includes many names and the biography of Daniel Lopez Laguna who lived in the 17th cent.

    Lopez Friedman, L.M. Some further sidelights on Aron Lopez. JQR, 1954-55, 45: 562-567. Notes: New documents - USA, Mass., 17th cent.

    Maimonides See: Maimun ben Joseph ( Simmons, L.D.) Maimun b. Joseph Simmons, L.M. Letter of consalation of Maimun ben Joseph. JQR,, 1890, 2: 62-

    101. Notes: Joseph, father of Moshe Ben Maimon (Maimonides)

    Malka Bloch, I. Kalifa Ben Malka. REJ, 1887, 14, 27: 114-116.


    BibliographySephardimJournalarticlesTagger.pdf 4

    Notes: Moise Kalifa ben Malka was born in Safi, Morocco. Poet and grammar specialist, rich man, alive in 1728 & 1738.

    Medina (de) Laras, G. L'occupation de Livourne par les troupes napolitaines et le journal de Daniel de Medina (ancien membre du Consistoire du Dpartement de la Mditerrane). REJ, 1974, 133:157-224. [ The occupation of Livorno by Napoleon's troops and the dairy of Daniel de Medina who was a member of the Consistorium of the Mediterranean Region].

    Notes: Based on the doc. of Livorno community. Incl. biogr. Of Medina and short list of community contributors.

    Modena (da) Rivkin, E. Leon da Modena and the Kol Sakhal. JQR, 1947-48, 38: .227-265 + 1948-49, 39: 63-78 + 1948-50, 40: 135-156 + 1950-51, 41: 307-327. Notes: Leon da Modena (1571-1648), Marranos community in Venice in the 17th cent..

    Morali Attal, R. Une correspondance entre le Rabbin Isaac Morali et le Commandant Amrmand Lipman. REJ, 1985, 144:145-167. [Letters sent by Ra. Isaac Morali to Commandant Armand Lipman].

    Notes: Partial biogr. of Rab. Isaac Morali (Algiers, 1867- Algiers 1952). Letters written between 1928 & 1932.

    Nassi Galante, A. Nouveaux documents sur Joseph Nassi, duc de Naxos. REJ, 1912, 64, 128: 236-243. [ New documents on Joseph Nassi, Duque of Naxos]

    Notes: Two doc. dealing with the international trade he managed. Galante, A. Deux nouveaux documents sur Dona Gracia Nassi. REJ, 1913, 65,129: 151-154. [Two new documents on Dona Gracia Nassi]. Notes: On two new doc. dated 1565 on her identity. Kaufmann, D. Don Joseph Nassi, founders of colonies in the Holyland and the community of Cori in the Campagna. JQR, 1890, 2: 291-297. Notes: In 1566. Cori is near Rome. Rose, C.H. New information on the life of Joseph Nassi, Duque of Naxos: the Venetian phase. JQR , 1970, 60: 330-344. Notes: In 1553 he was "perpetually banished from Venice"

    Navarra Roth, C. Rabbi Menahem Navarra: his life and times (1717-