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Transcript of sephardic surnames COPY - .International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at . Sephardic...

International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at

Sephardic Surnames Reference List As of June 5, 2005, there are 5,220 names on the list.

Source and Codes Used All names in this list are a result of a compilation by four researchers. The codes after each name indicate the source for that name. Notice that some names were verified by more than one researcher. For further information on a name in this list, check the letter in parenthesis next to it and visit the reseachers website at:

L=Compiled by LusaWeb ( where you can also search your Portuguese and Sephardic genealogy. The Sephardic portion credit goes to Harry Stein.

O=Compiled by Jeff Malka. T=Compiled by B. Nahman. I=Compiled by Rabbi Haim Levi. or

Purpose of the List This surname list provided as a service to anyone wishing to research their Sephardic Jewish heritage. It is not for the purpose of trying to mislead anyone into changing their beliefs. Blessings and best wishes in your genealogy research! By: International Federation of Messianic Jews

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International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at

a Cathan (L) a Levie (L) a Pereira Brando (L) Aaron (L) Abade (L) Abadey (L) Abadi (I) Abadia (I) Abadias (T) Abady (L) Abagir (T) Aban (L) Abanatar (L) Abanda Pereira (L) Abandalac (L) Abandana (L) Abanhacar (L) Abanhacar Brandao (L) Abarbanel (L) Abarbanel Aredes (L) Abarbanel Souza (L) Abarim (L) Abas (L) Abayud (T) Abaz (L) Abbady (L) Abbas (L) Abbasi (L) Abbencadon (T) Abboudi (O) Abdalla (T) Abdallah (O) Abdelquerim (T) Abdon (T) Abdus (T) Abeacara (T) Abeasis (O) Abeatar (L) Abecassis (O) Abeddy (L) Abehsera (O) Abelate (T) Aben Bivas (T) Aben Ezra (I) Aben Habib (L) Aben Sancho (L)

Aben Schoschan (L) Abena (L) Abenabas (T) Abenabibe (T) Abenabs (T) Abenabsil (T) Abenacar (L) Abenacar Costa da (L) Abenacara (T) Abenacaua (T) Abenacoje (T) Abenadan (T) Abenadany (T) Abenadar (T) Abenadon (T) Abenaes (L) Abenaex (T) Abenafia (L) Abenafla (T) Abenagua (T) Abenalabcan (T) Abenalas (T) Abenalazar (L) Abenalfarj (T) Abenalhadet (T) Abenalmofarech (T) Abenaloyon (T) Abenamar (T) Abenambran (T) Abenamen (T) Abenamias (T) Abenamias (T) Abenana Namias (L) Abenanueva (T) Abenardud (T) Abenardut (L) Abenarroyo (T) Abenasa (T) Abenasta (T) Abenatar (L)(T) Abenatar Abear (L) Abenatar Melo (L) Abenatar Pimentel (L) Abenavo (T) Aben-Ayish (L) Abenayon. (T)

Abenazab (T) Abenazogue (T) Abenbacua (T) Abenbaruel (T) Abenbilla (T) Abenbita (T) Abencaboca (T) Abencacon (T) Abencadiq (T) Abencadoque (T) Abencahal (T) Abencalama (T) Abencaleta (T) Abencar (L) Abencar Costa da (L) Abencara (T) Abencasa (T) Abencasi (T) Abencassuch (T) Abencaulin (T) Abencaya (T) Abencayde (T) Abencayr (T) Abencedillo (T) Abenceholin (T) Abenchacar (L) Abenchen (T) Abencida (T) Abencof (T) Abencofa (T) Abenconiel (T) Abencota. (T) Abencresp (T) Abencrespin (T) Abencubal (T) Abencubariel (T) Abendado (T) Abendalac (L) Abendalak (L) Abendalon (T) Abendana (L) Abendana Belmonte (L) Abendana Britto de (L) Abendana Mendes (L) Abendana Monsanto (L) Abendana Namias (L)

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International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at

Abendana Ozorio (L) Abendana Pereira (L) Abendana Pereyra (L) Abendanha (L) Abendanid (T) Abendannon (L) Abendano (T) Abendanon (L) Abendavid (T) Abendelak (L) Abendera (T) Abendino (T) Abendis (T) Abenecar Bondia (L) Abenefeia (L) Abeneka (L) Abeneso (T) Abenezra (T) Abenfachon (T) Abenfadajil (T) Abenfarach (T) Abenfranchil (T) Abengaby (L) Abengallel (L) Abengarap (T) Abengato (T) Abengayte (T) Abengoza (T) Abenhacan (T) Abenhacar (L) Abenhacar Brandao (L) Abenhacar Bravo (L) Abenhacar Costa da (L) Abenhacar Pestanhia (L) Abenhacar Ximenes (L) Abenhadar (T) Abenhalegua (T) Abenharrel (T) Abenharun (T) Abenhayim (T) Abenhayon (T) Abenhcar Ximenes (L) Abenhuacar (T) Abenhullen (T) Abenhuly (T) Abenhum (T)

Abenhumaed (T) Abenhumayt (T) Abenjamin (T) Abenjanah (T) Abenjaqui (L) Abenlahazar (T) Abenlatel (T) Abenlble (T) Abenluengo (T) Abenlup (T) Abenlupe (T) Abenlupiel (T) Abenmacon (T) Abenmanuel (T) Abenmayor (I) Abenmayor (T) Abenmaza (T) Abenmelec (T) Abenmenasse (L) Abenmiex (T) Abenmilly (T) Aben-Nahmias (T) Abennaras (T) Abennomen (T) Abennuble (T) Abennubti (T) Abenosa (T) Abenpacuriel (T) Abenpando (T) Abenpartel (T) Abenpesat (T) Abenpex (T) Abenpisad (T) Abenpulicar (T) Abenrabi (T) Abenragil (T) Abenrey (T) Abenrubay (T) Abensabad (T) Abensaboca (T) Abensadat (T) Abensahalon (T) Abensanto (T) Abensarcan (T) Abensenaa (T) Abensorda (T)

Abensour (L)(O) Abensur (L)(O) Abentalco (T) Abentamus (T) Abentaurei (T) Abentesat (T) Abenteta (T) Abentovi (T) Abenturiel (T) Abenunez (T) Abenverga (T) Abenviva (T) Abenvives (I)(L) Abenvivo (T) Abenxaat (T) Abenxabat (T) Abenxaex (T) Abenxex (T) Abenxuxen (T) Abenyahion (T) Abenyaxi (T) Abenyud (T) Abenzaed (T) Abenzafo (T) Abenzamerro (T) Abenzara (T) Abenziat (T) Abenziza (T) Aberay (T) Abergel (O) Abernyd (T) Aberraynel (T) Abesser (T) Abetan (O) Abetar Pimentel (L) Abexequi (T) Abgalon (T) Abhacotin (T) Abi Sadiq (L) Abiatar (L) Abicatsar (T) Abifuron (T) Abikhzer (O) Abila (L) Abiles (I) Abinnaxim (L)

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International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at

Abinun de Lima (L) Abisdid (L) Abisror (O) Abitbol (O) Abizmil (O) Abo Poyati (T) Aboab (L)(O) Aboab Cardosa (L) Aboab Cardoso (L) Aboab da Fonseca (L) Aboab d'Azevedo (L) Aboab De Pas (L) Aboab de Paz (L) Aboab Fonseca (L) Aboab Furtado (L) Aboab Lopes (L) Aboab Oroizo (L) Aboab Osorio (L) Aboab Ozorio (L) Aboacar (T) Aboaf (L) Aboaf da Fonseca (L) Aboarri (T) Abodbod (L) Abohbot (O) Abolafia (L)(T) Abolahabin (T) Abolays (L) Abon (T) Abotin (T) Abou (O) Aboudraham (O) Aboulafia (O) Abourbia (O) Abourmad (O) Abrabalia (L) Abrabanel (L)(O) Abrabanel Aarboza (L) Abrabanel Arades (L) Abrabanel Aredes (L) Abrabanel Barbosa (L) Abrabanel da Serra (L) Abrabanel Dormido (L) Abrabanel Souza (L) Abraham (I) Abrahams (L)

Abrahem (T) Abraho (L) Abrantes de (L) Abravalla (T) Abravallo (L) Abravanel (T) Abravanel Aredes (L) Abravanel Dormido (L) Abroxa (I) Abrur (T) Absidid (O) Abuadari (T) Abuadavi (T) Abuaqueque (T) Abudaram (L) Abudaran (T) Abudarham (L)(O)(T) Abudarhan (L) Abudarme (T) Abudiente (L) Abuharun (T) Abuibrahim (T) Abuishac (T) Abulacen (T) Abulafia (T) Abulhasan (T) Abulker (L) Abulrebia (T) Abuomar (T) Aburayence (T) Aburrabe (T) Abusagalo (L) Abusuleiman (T) Abuyusuf (T) Abuzeid (T) Abzaradiel (T) Abzardiel (L) Acab Genillo (I) Acaban (T) Acad (T) Acamuel (T) Acansaque (T) Acarrafe (T) Acaya (T) Acecri (T) Aceraf (L)

Acetay (T) Acevedo (I) Acevedo de (L) Acoen (L) Acohen (L) Acoror (T) Acosta (I)(L) Acosta de (L) Acre (T) Acris (O) Aculte (T) Acuna (L) Acuna de (L) Acuna de Noronha (L) Acunha (L) Acunia (L) Adalacid (T) Adaroque (T) Ades (O) Adi (O) Adibe (L) Adjiman (L) Adrehi (O) Adret (L) Adrotiel (O) Aduarte (I) Adujar (T) Adumim (L) Adun (L) Aeleon (O) Aelion (L) Aelyon (L) Aeres (L) Afelleja (T) Afia (L) Aflalo (L)(O) Afriat (L)(O) Aghion (O) Agoas Truchas (I) Agranate (T) Agsteribbe (L) Aguado (L) Aguero (T) Aguiar (L) Aguiar de (L) Aguilar (T)

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Aguilar Rodriguez (L) Aguilar Samuda (L) Aguirre y Roche (L) Agurcia (I) Agurto (L) Aharoni (O) Ahubi (L) Ailion (L) Ailyon (L) Ainoles (T) Aknin (L) Akoka (O) Akrich (O) Akrish (L) Al Azraque (I) Alabacas (T) Alabcan (T) Aladafi (T) Alaftas (T) Alagem (L) Alagon (I) Alagraque (T) Alaguem (L) Alajem (L) Alamagna (L) Alamal (T) Alaman (T) Alamin (T) Alaneque (T) Alarcon (L) Alascar (L) Alasdiel (T) Alasidraque (T) Alaskar (L) Alaverz (L) Alayud (T) Alazan (T) Alazar (T) Alazar Vluf (I) Alazrague (T) Alba (T) Albagal (T) Albalaez (L) Albamia (I) Albana (T) Albaquero (T)

Albaranes (O) Albares (L) Al-Bargeloni (L) Albasti (T) Albataxar (T) Albatel (T) Albeacara (T) Albelda (L) Alberez (L) Albergue (L) Alberuji (T) Albin (L) Albion (I) Albo (I)(L)(O) Albohazen (T) Albonsoli (T) Albor (L) Albotini (L) Albuher (L) Albujer (L) Albuquerque (L) Albuquerque de (L) Alburrugin (T) Alcacaby (T) Alcahal (T) Alcajal (T) Alcala (I) Alcamalo (T) Alcaroche (T) Alcasar (T) Alcastiel (L) Alcayci (T) Alcazar (L) Alchabab (T) Alchabir (T) Alchani (T) Alcheikh (O) Alcobaya (L) Alcoforado (L) Alcon (T) Alconstantini (L) Alcoroche (T) Alcosar (L) Aldana (I) Aldonso (L) Aldoueba (I)

Aldubi (L) Aldug (T) Alegre (T) Alegrete (T) Aleion (L) Alemanno (I) Alertrino (L) Aletrino (L) Alevy (L) Alezy (L) Alfahar (T) Alfajarin (I) Alfakar (L) Alfakhar (T) Alfalas (L) Alfandar (I) Alfandari (T) Alfangi (T) Alfaquein (L) Alfaqui (L) Alfaquin (L) Alfar (L) Alfari (T) Alfarin (T) Alfaro (L) Alfasi (L) Alfon (T) Alfonso (T) Alfonta (O) Alfual (L) Algace (T) Algarfa (T) Algazi (L) Algranati (L) Alguades (L) Alguadex (T) Alhadib (L) Alhanad (T) Alhanet (T) Al-Harizi (L) Alhayat (T) Alholu (T) Ali (T) Aliaga (I) Aliaya (L) Aliescar (T)

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Alimuli (L) Alixandre (T) Aljaba (T) Alkaim (O) Alkalai (L) Allanary (T) Alloul (O) Almaalem (O) Almacan (I) Almadany (T) Almadaque (T) Almahal (T) Almalaque (T) Almanzi (L) Almapes (T) Almatayar (T) Almayda de (L) Almeiad (L) Almeida (L) Almeida de (L) Almenara (I) Almerini (T) Almeyda (L) Almocala (T) Almohalla (T) Almolia (