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Improve ROI Through RTB Data Driven Campaigns

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Improve ROI Through RTB Data Driven Campaigns

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New Approach: RTB Marketing

What is RTB (real-time bidding) technology and how does it work? Real-time ventory is bought and sold on a per-impression

basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impres -

sion to be placed in front of their target audience and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on

the publisher’s site. Through this approach, RTB has the ability to reach your target audience across any site

with Ad inventory and Ad-tech companies can target very specific audience based on information that they

The user goes to a web page

The impression is put up for auction

The buyers propose an auction (CPM) based on their estimated impression value

The higer auction“wins” the impression

The advertiser deliver his impression

2.0 2.01.5


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Working with RTB-Media

Digital Media Strategy

Targeting with Facebook Data

We will use our proprietary technology to optimize bidding on the Facebook platform to get you the best CPA

Information (browsing behavior related) collected through cookies about audiences across the internet.

Based on browsing behavior we start builidng unique audience segments in our own database

3rd party raw data: We purchase data from sites to create audience segments related to "interests" and

"behaviors" relevant to your targeting needs

What do we need to launch this campaign? Please provide us with a target list of domains / URLs

20+Data Providers

100+Advertising Channels

Use data to make informed decisions: We start with a campaign designed to meet your goals

then optimize towards the best performing channels based on data

What is the right approach? Test multiple Ad channels (display, social, search) and audience segments

to identify optimal Ad campaigns, increase site tra�c and improve CPA & ROI metrics.

Types of targeting

Our own data segments

We use a combination of sources to create our own data segments. These sources consist of:

Targeting with 3rd party Data management platforms

We have a list of over 120,000 audience segments from 20+

Data providers to choose from and use this data to target

audiences which align with your marketing personas

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What Sets Us Apart

Campaign ManagementDedicated team member to maintain your campaign on a daily basis

Optimization to help reallocate funds into top performing channels

All-In-One Reporting Tool

Reduce time spent on low value activities (manual exporting and uploading, data manipulation and clean-up).

Creative design development

A/B Test creative assets to increase success metrics

Connect other campaigns to make client ready reports appear in clean and easy to read formats.

100% Transparency

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Case study

Current Situation

Creatives samples



Data-Driven Testing

Optimizes Startup’s ROI

Sutro was seeking the most cost effective online advertising channels and approach for their new product

Identified 3 best converting personas (Ad channel + target demographic) and optimal messaging with final result less than $12 CPA

Increased CTR during campaignsfrom 0.7% to 1.4%

We ran 22 tailored ad tests using RTB technology

3 weeks $12


ex: 0.7%


Spent $2000 on paid search and received poor results

Goal: Cost per Acquisition below $50

Case Study

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Case studieIncreased viewability by 55% compared to classic display ads


Ultimate Goal Increase Brand Loyalty

Campaign Goal/Planned KPI CPC of $2.59, CPM forecast was around $8 for a Rich media creative

Product Message Subaru Forester, perfect for you at any time and any place


RTB-Media used a combination of Super-geo targeting and real-time local weather conditions to create personalized and targeted Ads. The peronalization created visibility which led to Subaru's campaign to be 55% more viewable than their other display ads. August October November




0.24 %

2.57 %

0.07 %

Impressions CTR

Case study

Case Study

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Case studie




Seeking target CPA of $100 for target audience to test drive an Audi Current site traffic was not converting Low click-thru rates for banners

Identified optimal audience segments and Ad channel with a CPA (cost per acquisition) of $60 (40% below goal)

Identified banner with CTR %: 0.4%

Other success metrics: CPC - $1.20, CPM - $4

Testing across 20+ audience segments ("In market: new car", "Interests: German cars", etc.)

Contextually target articles related to "Audi", "German Cars", "Best New Car" etc.

A/B testing of banners to identify those with optimal click-thru rates

Landing page optimization for improving conversion from click to acquisition

Beat CPA Goal for Audi by 40%

Case Study

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Ali Quigley Account Executive

[email protected]

425 2nd San Francisco