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Proven Ways to Unleash the Inner Reader in Just About any Kid and Why it's so Very Important by Susie Boyce

Transcript of Reading Seriously Rocks

  • 1. READINGSeriously Rocks!How to Unleash the InnerReader in Just About AnyKid and Why its soVery Important

2. To access this Presentation: SLIDESHARE.NET/ SUSIEBOYCEOr link from my website:SERIOUSMOMSENSE.COM 3. Dreams for our Kids 4. Dreams for our Kids(realities) 5. Dreams for our Kids(realities) 6. Dreams for our Kids(realities) 7. Dreams for our Kids(realities) 8. Dreams for our Kids(realities) 9. Reading awakensour empathyand gives us awareness. 10. Readingmakes us bettercitizens. 11. Kids can readtheir way out of poverty.Example: The Glass Castle by JeannetteWalls 12. Reading is the ONLY extra-curricular activity linked to getting a managerial orprofessional job in later life.-- University of Oxford, 2011 13. Limit, limit, limit! 14. So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can installA lovely bookshelf on thewall.Then fill the shelves with lotsof books..-- Roald Dahl 15. A FEW IDEASLink reading time to screen time1:1 ratio of reading to screen time2:1 ratio of reading to screen timeSet amount of screen time daily (after all chores & other assigned tasks are completed)Screen time only on weekendsNo TV, only movies at discretion of parentREMEMBER WHOS BOSS (it aint the 16. Realistic Expectations 17. There is no way to be a perfect parent, and amillion ways to be a goodone. - Jill ChurchillNO PARENTGUILT ALLOWED! 18. two factorsmost associated withacademicreading success?(Study by Stephen Krashner) 19. most important:Time -amount of reading 20. second most important:Choice -ability for readerto decide whathe or she reads 21. Moms Weigh In:Fantastic ReadingIncentiveIdeas 22. Fill your house withstacks ofbooks, inevery cranny and all thenooks. -- Dr. Seuss 23. Books in the home are as important as parentseducational levels indetermining level of education children willattain. -- Research in Social Stratification & Mobility, June 2010 24. WearTheOldCoatAndBuyTheNewBook-Austen Phelps 25. Children are made readers in thelaps of their parents. 26. When choosing read-alouds consider thefirst book in a series. This will give kidsthe gift of backgroundknowledge. 27. Let Your Kids/Grandkids/Students SeeYou Reading Huge Predictor of their Reading Success 28. You cant teach what You dontknow anymore than you can come backfrom where youaint been. -- Will Rogers 29. Weekly FamilyReading Night. 30. Pay Kids To Read (yep, you read that right)One parenting class suggested that parents pay kids for whatthey most want their kids to do. 31. GOAL: Make kidsCITIZENS of the LIBRARY 32. 100bookCHALLENGE 33. What About Kids Who HaventQUITE Foundtheir READING STRIDE? 34. Correct Reading Level= Successful Reading Experience Dont let Mommypride get in the way! 35. Consider All Genres (no matter how batty it makes you) 36. Any book that helps achild form a habit of reading, to makereading one of his deepand continuing needs, isgood for him.-- Maya Angelou 37. LEARNERSwho lose POWER OFCHOICE aredisempowered. SOgive them choices and then GET OUT OF THE WAY! 38. You cannot teach aman anything, you can only help him find it withinhimself. - Galileo 39. Rule: Read book before watchingmovie OR Watch movie beforereading book.FLEXIBILITY is the name of the game. 40. Embrace TechnologyCant hold it back! MULTISENSORY canbe the KEY to SUCCESSFUL READING &LEARNING. Awesome Apps!! 41. Kids withserious and/or diagnosablereading struggles 42. BridgerVisualPerceptionStruggles 43. Amanda Severe Dyslexia 44. Unconditional Love & AcceptancePraise for Efforts rather than Grades 45. Family Project SiblingsReading Chapter Books 46. Read next years highschool books during summer Mom & Dad read textbook assignments aloud 47. Myriad of ActivitiesOutside of Academics 48. There are times when kids simply need a kick in thepants. 49. enthusiasm The best book ever. Seth, age 10 50. bribery 51. offeringkickbacks 52. Do YourHOMEWORK! 90% of booksare trash. Its the 10% that get us where wewant to go.Make the 53. Moms weigh in to compilethe ultimate list: BOOKS WE ADORE!surveyed moms from across the country, askedthem to be SUPER DISCRIMINATING and only list books they ABSOLUTELY ADORE Link to list on my 54. USA Todays 100 GREATEST BOOKS FOR KIDS ranked by Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine February 2012 The 50 Best Books for Kidsranked by TimeOut New YorkMarch 2012100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know New York Public Library 55. LIBRARIES LIBRARIANS TEACHERS - AUTHORS - BOOK BLOGSTeri Harman: Book-Matters.comBetsy Bird: blog.schoollibraryjournal.comDonalyn Miller: The Book WhispererRead Today: incentive program, trackingRated Reads: content reviewsBook Adventure: book lists & kids readingprogramClassics for Children: yesterdaysclassics.comLibraries of Hope (Forgotten Classics, FreedomSeries): 56. REMEMBER ULTIMATE GOALS:SUCCESSFUL ADULTSMEANINGFUL, JOYFUL EXPERIENCES WITH YOUR KIDSCHILDREN ARE NOTVESSELS TO BE FILLED BUTFIRES TO BE LIT. 57. There are many little ways to enlarge yourchilds world. Love ofbooks is the best of all. -- Jacqueline Kennedy