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Seriously Deficient. What Does It Mean?. Prepared and Presented By: Suzanne Leggas Rene’ Poitra. SD What is the Meaning?. That you are not in compliance With CACFP Federal Requirements. What Are Our Goals?. Definition of Seriously Deficient - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Seriously Deficient

  • Seriously DeficientWhat Does It Mean?Prepared and Presented By:Suzanne LeggasRene Poitra

  • SD What is the Meaning?

  • What Are Our Goals?...........Definition of Seriously Deficient

    To Know that the Seriously Deficient Process is a Tool for Improvement

    To Inform the Sponsors of the Consequences From Non-Compliance of Program Expectations

  • What Are Our Objectives?

    Define the Regulation

    Talk About the Seriously Deficient Process

    What Do I Do if Im SD?

  • Seriously Deficient (SD) Defined

    7 CFR 226.2the status of an institution or a day care home that has been determined to be non-compliant in one or more aspects of its operation of the Program.

  • You Could Be Seriously Deficient For..Failure to Maintain Adequate Records

    No Monitor ReviewNo ProcurementNo Enrollment FormsNo Documented In-Service Training

  • You Could Be Seriously Deficient For.continuedSubmission of False InformationClaiming Reimbursement for Significant Number of Meals that DO NOT meet Meal Pattern Failure to Comply with Contract RequirementsUsing a Food Service Management Company that is in Violation of Health CodesSubmitting a Renewal Application with out Fulfilling Financial and Administrative ResponsibilitiesNot Spending All Your Reimbursement on CACFP

  • State Agencys Serious Deficiency ProcessThe letter and SD notice is sent by certified mail

    Includes the name(s) of Responsible Principals and/or Individuals, the SDs and Request for Corrective Action Plan

  • Serious Deficiency Process

    Center Must:Respond to the SD Notice and Must Submit a Corrective Action Plan

    Acceptable Corrective Action Plans Includes:Policies and Procedures or other Official Documentation which Ensures the Serious Deficiencies have been Fully and Permanently Corrected.

  • Corrective Action Plan

    WHAT..Procedures Will Be Implemented? WHO.Will Address the Serious Deficiency?WHEN.Will the Procedures be ImplementedTimeline, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually?(Date Correction Will Begin)WHERE.Will the Documentation be Retained?HOW.Will Staff be Informed?New Procedures, Memos, Handbook, Training

  • Corrective Action Plan

    If the Corrective Action Plan is Acceptablethe SD Determination is..

  • Corrective Action Plan Insufficient/No Corrective ActionRepeat Offense

  • What is the State Agencys Message to You?It is No Longer Necessarily Associated with a Monetary Dollar Value $$$$$ Centers Used to Be SD Only When There Were Excessive Findings Its All About Being in ComplianceThe Centers Corrective Action and Follow-Up Review Will Determine a Temporary Deferral or Termination

    Is no longer an indicator of overall performance. It is not related to financial liability but could include financial responsibility. All comes down to compliance at a federal level.*Tool for Improvement: Not necessarily a road to disaster. It is a wake up call that something is out of line. Correction then lies in your hands by ultimately improving your program.*Please note that one is underlined. Multiple noncompliance issues are not a prerequisite to be seriously deficient. These noncompliance issues may be determined by the state agency during any interactions, not just reviews. For example, an SD may surface during application renewals.*A Few examples that are commonly found missing during reviews. *Submission of False Info: Filing claim based on attendance instead of meal countsLast bullet; explain justification vs reimbursement**Aff be *Unless the state agency determines that your approved corrective action plan was not implemented or that the same deficiency have reoccured. In that case the sponsor will be face termination.*Termination eliminates the center and all people listed in the deficiency from participating for 7 years.*