Q2 ryan olmstead skateboarding

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Sk8boarding By Ryan Olmstead Digital Literacy Q2
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  • 1. Sk8boarding By Ryan Olmstead Digital Literacy Q2

2. What makes skateboarding so interesting and unique? Skateboarding wasstarted by a couple ofsurfers who took theirroller skates andattached them to theirsurf boards. Soon people tookwooden planks andattached their rollerskates to the plank. 3. Types of Skateboarding There are manydifferent styles ofskateboarding, Vert,Street, Long boarding,and Street Surfing. The most popularstyles ofskateboarding arestreet and vert. 4. Street Skating Street skating is more popularthan it has ever been! Almost anything can be usedin street skateboarding like,handicap ramps, hand rails,stairs, benches and muchmore. Flip tricks and grinding is usedmore in street skating than invert skateboard. 5. Street Skating (continued) California is very wellknow for streetskateboarding. Street skateboarding isbanned in certain placeslike personal property,school yards, parks andmany more places. Street skating seems to bea little more popular thanvert skateboarding today. 6. Vert Skateboarding Vert stands for vertical. Vert skateboarding mainlyinvolves half pipes whichare ramps that are in a Ushape like the one shown. Grab tricks and stalls areused more often in vertskating than in streetskating. 7. Vert Skating (continued) Legend has it that this is thestory of how vert skating wasfirst started. One night, a teenage boy washome alone with his friends.So the guy and his friendsdrained his parents poolbecause they thought it wouldbe a cool place to skate. Eversince then, skateboarders findcreative places to skate. 8. Vert Skating (continued) Half pipes, bowls, andMega-Ramps are alsoused in vertskateboarding. ProfessionalSkateboarders areeither vert skaters orstreet skaters. 9. Tony Hawk During my research I learnedabout a legendary skateboardernamed Tony Hawk. Tony Hawkhas accomplished one of thebiggest things in skateboardinghistory! He did the 900! The 900is doing a 2 and a half spin inthe air! Tony Hawk has won many titlesand medals. Tony has manyskateboarding video games. Healso has his own clothing lineand shoe company. He isprobably one of the mostsuccessful skateboarders inhistory!!! 10. Research Summary Skateboarding is so interesting and uniquebecause it gives kids and teenagersfreedom and thrills! Skateboarding givespeople of all ages the feeling of beingthemselves and that they cant be judged! 11. Research Process I chose skateboarding because Iskateboard but I didnt know much aboutthe background of skateboarding. I used resources that sounded good for mebased on Mrs. Mortons recommendations.I picked the book I used by flipping throughthe first few pages of the book to see if itlooked good. 12. Research Process I picked PowerPoint because I was familiarwith it and I knew how to add a little bit ofeffects to make my presentation better. I learned so much about skateboarding andhow it started. I didnt even know that therewere so many different types ofskateboarding. I learned everything fromhow skateboarding was started to factsabout skateboarding legends. 13. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7JamX3OO 14. Bibliography Loizos, Constance. Extreme SportsSkateboard. N.p.: National Geographic, n.d.1-57 . Print Britannica School Edition . BritannicaDigital Learning, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2012.. Youtube. Windows Intel, n.d. Web. 14 Jan.2013. . 15. The End!!!!