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1. Skateboarding By: Brett Tracanna 2. Parts of a skateboard 3. History Skateboarding started in the 1950s No exact date for when skateboarding was invented Became very popular in the early 60s Skateboard wheels began as just clay but then urethane skateboard wheels were invented which are what is used today 4. The ollie Board stays under feet Board is evened out in the air Pop with back foot Slide front foot forward as you jump Slide up foot 5. Tricks Kickflip Heelflip 360 flip Lazer flip Varial kickflip Varial heelflip Pop shov-it Front shov-it indy Nollie Frontside and backside 180 Frontside and backside 360 Bigspin Bigflip Backside and frontside flip 6. Landing Right Dont lean to far back Dont Lean to far forward Land it on the bolts 7. Stances Goofy is where your left foot pops your tail Regular is where your right foot pops your tail Mongo is when you pedal with the same foot you use to pop the board with 8. Myself 9. Sources http://www.awesome- /a/brief_history.htm trick-list.html