Professional communication in english

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Professional communication in English.
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Transcript of Professional communication in english

  • 1. Professional communication in English.
  • 2. By letter By email By telephone
  • 3. Business letter Formal, official. It can serve as future reference, legal proof (acknowledgement of receipt, proof of delivery) Its not immediate. It takes time to write and to get an answer.
  • 4. Email. Less formal, less official. More direct, more immediate. Without disturbing the other person. CC:a courtesy (or carbon) copy BCC: (blind courtesy or blind carbon copy) if you dont want the addressees to know youre sending a copy to some other recipients.
  • 5. Phone. Smile! Be courteous (please, sorry, thank you ) Say whoyouare This is Noemie X from LaTour Blanche Winery in France Get through to the rightperson. Could I speak to
  • 6. Phone. Or say whyyouarecalling to know who your interlocutor should be I am calling because I would like our winery to be part of the wine tours you organize in France. Who do you think I should speak to? Once you are with the right person, say clearlywhyyouarecalling.
  • 7. Phone. Checkinformation Im sorry, did you say? could you spell that for me? sorry I didnt catch that let me just read that back to you When you need to say something negative Im sorry, but Mr X isnt available at the moment Im afraid it wont be possible
  • 8. Phone. To sound polite use pasttense, could/would, actually I just wanted to let you know that actually what I meant was that Be an activelistener Say regularly uh huh , got you , yeah . Echo we should receive it on Tuesday. Tuesday. right Paraphraseandrephrase so what you are saying is that