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Greenwashing is a business strategy to sell the productsWhat is greenwashing?

Mislead the people

Companies change the presentation of their product, or service to make them see like respectful of the environment.

Its easier to sell the products because people think that they are buying healthy products. They must be aware of the official logos:

Purposes of greenwashing

Businesses could sell products more expensive

Greenwashing uses add and commercial tactics with:

Changing thenameChanging the colorPutting a new sloganNo proof of being green

Bad for:EnvironmentPlantsBusinessesPeople

What are the consequences?

When customers are being fooledThey prove fake to be rightBusinesses get money

People might find out the ugly truthLess people start buying productsCompanies can hide the truth because they have a lot of money- difficult to fight with them

Companies reputation

How it affects the environment?Bad for the planet EarthBad for the health of peopleWrong use of products

People are left confusedCauses illnesses; for example cancerPeople are mislead

How it affects people?

How to fight Greenwashing ?Laws (national)What people can do? (NGO simple citizens)

LawsIn the US, a law was established : the companies must mention with a logo that is green ( for example : a planet, green, bio ...) or make a slogan which precises that the product is good for Earth.

The Six Sins of GreenwashingThe Six Sins of Greenwashing were created to guide consumers that care about environment in their choices at the market.

What can people do?NGO such as the guerilla artist collective Brandalism installed over 600 posters across Paris in November 2015. The creatively minded activists hijacked the citys advertising spaces ahead of the climate talks.