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Present Simple Present Continuous

Its Jenifer. She is 30.She is a doctor Usually she goes to work in the morning but today she is relaxing at home. She often eats sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast but today she is eating fruit salad and yoghurt in the morning. Jenifer seldom watches films but today she is watching her favorite series. Why?

It is her day-off.

I play_ basketball every day. It often rains in autumn.I cant speak. I am playing basketball.My dog barks a lot but it is not barking now. Present Simple Present Continuous

Present Simple Present Continuous??????

Present Simple Present Continuousnot not - notnot not - not

Present Simple Present Continuousevery day, repeated actionsEvery day the teacher writes on the blackboard.permanent actionsShe goes to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays.describe actions with adverbs of frequency (always, never, sometimes, often )It never snows here in summer. actions at the moment of speakingLook! The teacher is writing on the blackboard.temporary actionsWhere are you staying?I am staying at my friends.actions in the near futureHe is taking his examination tomorrow. Words-markersUsually, always, every day, often Now, at the moment


What do the children usually do?

What are the children doing?

Ask me a question, please)

A phone/Skype callImagine you are on holiday. Your friend is calling you. Tell her where you are, what you are doing, what you are wearing. Tell your friend what you do every day and what you like.

Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? What do you do every day? What do you like?

I am in Greece/Italy/Spain. I (sightsee/visit art gallery/relax). I (wear) a T-shirt and shorts. Every day I (go to the beach/ see something new/meet new people). I like (swim/sunbathe/walk in the park).

Write me a riddle!Imagine a situation. Write 4 sentences. 2 - in the Present Simple, 2 in the Present Continuous. I have to guess the location.

For example: I am reading a book. Its a library. I watch TV every evening. Its a living room.

Practice I ____________ ( just / to look) around the clothes shops now.He ____________ (to go ) windsurfing every two days.People ____________ (to say) Edinburgh is a beautiful city.They ____________(to practice) radical sports this year.____________ ( you / to go) out now?A driver is a person who ____________ (to drive)Tom ____________(to drink) some juice because he is thirsty.Who ____________ (you/usually/ to play) with- With my classmates.His sister ____________ ( not / often / to help) him.Ive bought a new video and now I ____________ (to watch) it.