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Using Pinterest to help with student learning and engaging 21st century learners.

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  • 1. & Student Learning: Yes!

2. Learning Targets 1. You will learn what Pinterest is and the vocabulary used with it.2. You will see examples of how it can be used in a subject area.3. You will be able to create your own Pinterest site that can be used in your subject or subject areas. 3. Basic Vocabulary Board like a notebook for any subject area. Pins items to put in the notebook Pinners people who have pinned something before you Liking showing appreciation for an item. Following Get notifications on your main board when people you follow add new items. Re-Pinning adding the item to your personal boards. Secret boards- boards you can hide from your followers. 4. What is Pinterest? In simple terms, a digital notebook where you can keep photos, articles, and any other digital items for reference. You can upload items of your own, or you can look at other websites, blogs, or photos and pin them. If the blog, merchant, or website has a Pinterest, there will be a logo listed. If it doesnt, you can still pin it, but you may need to copy the website.Example of Pinterest Logo, showing a relationship where the item can be directly pinned. 5. Webpage with Pinterest Logo 6. Example of a Pinterest Feed 7. My school Pinterest 8. My personal Pinterest 9. Example of Assignment Pinterest Assignment Please use your school email address and sign up for Pinterest, if you havent already. You will need to make six boards with the following topics 1. Photo Basics 2. Photos I love 3. Improving Photography 4. Action Photography 5. Photoshop Basics 6. LightingOn each of these boards, please find 10 useful items to pin. Please be prepared to share with the class. 10. To get started 1. Login to computer, if you havent already.2. Sign into Pinterest. 3. Determine areas that you would like to find more information.4. Start looking. 5. Start pinning. 6. Have fun!!!