Picasso and Cubism

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Transcript of Picasso and Cubism

  • 1. Pablo Picasso, Abstract Art, and Cubism

2. Picasso is known as an abstract artist.

  • He lived from the early 1900s to the 1960s. 3. Picasso is also credited with creating cubism.

Picasso had 3 Artistic Periods
Rose Period
Blue Period
4. The Blue Period
5. The Rose Period
6. What is Cubism?
Cubism is an art movement that rejects the idea of using reality to create realistic (actual) items.
Cubism relies on geometry and straight lines. An item can be viewed from all sides.
7. How Do You Identify Cubism?
Broken Mirror Effect
More than one view
Simplified shapes
8. Broken Mirror Effect?
Portrait of WillhemUnde
The Guitar Player
9. Rearranged?
10. Geometric?
11. More Than One View?
12. Create An Abstract Portrait of Yourself!