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Transcript of Photographic narratives

  • photographic narrativesWolfgang Hastert

  • types of narrativesa series of images builds a visual story

    a photo narrative needs x amount of images

    the variations of approaches to tell stories with images are endless

    still images function different than moving images

  • story telling- some approaches one framing / several shots - but something changes within the frame ( time lapse, certain mini action ) a common theme suggests a series of images ( continuity, disjunctive ) an event suggests a traditional sequence from beginning to end

  • sequence 01

  • sequence 02A common theme

  • a traditional photo narrativeMuseum Visit

  • which image should be added?

  • 2 principles: continuity and unity

    continuity must be achieved within the images and the vocabulary/ style/ of the sequencing

    story unity is achieved by keeping a prevailing element of content and balancing it with a well - chosen variety of images