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Presentation for how to create the perfect blog post for SEO purposes. Courtesy of Design and Promote your one stop shop for all of you website and web design needs.

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  • 1. Custom Website Designs That Convert More Visitors Into Customers Search Engine Optimization Website Content Creation, Pages, Blogs, White Papers Website A-B Split Testing Newsletter Design & Management Logo Design, Email Signatures & Branding Guidelines Social Media Strategy & Implementation Business Photography including Google 360 Virtual Tours What We Do

2. How many of you have a company blog? Do you use WordPress? How often do you post? Do you post on a schedule? Who writes your posts? Do you track results? Questions For You 3. 1- Find The Right Keywords - Find out what keywords are being used by people searching online. 2- Use Those Keywords On Your Website And Blog You cant be #1 for something you dont even mention. 3- Get Backlinks - Get links to your website from other credible relative websites, these are like votes in Googles eyes. SEO Basics 4. Identify Keywords Think Like A Customer Check Out Competition Google Keyword Tool How Many Competitors? search allintitle: keyword 5. Google Keyword Tool Example 6. Keyword Competitor Check 7. Places To Use Keywords On Your Blog Blog Titles & Descriptions Blog Content about 2% Image Names & Alt Text Tags Blog Categories Links To Your Posts 8. Blog Post Blueprint Lets Do One Together 9. Measuring Results Google Analytics, Statcounter, Clicky Number of Visitors, Keyword Searches, Websites Came From and Bounce Rates SEO Book Toolbar - Rankchecker 10. SOCIAL MEDIA Sharing Your Blog Posts On Social 11. Announce Blog Posts Differently Across Social Media Channels Dont post the same message across all of your social media channels. Think of Your social media channels as news stations. The facts of the story (your blog post) are the same, but your headlines (what draws readers in) are different. 12. Facebook Same article, different post. Twitter 13. Same article, different post Google+ 14. Your audience might have missed your blog post the first time. Lonely Planet Example: Announce Posts More Than Once 15. If your company has a newsletter, be sure to include a link to your blog in your newsletter. Read more tips on our blog Visit our blog for more articles and tips Top 3 blog posts of the month Promoting Your Blog In Newsletters 16. Plan ahead: Create an editorial calendar Blog Calendar Topic/Title Details Keywords Audience Call To Action Pictures Author: Mary Due Date: 3-Mar-2014 Post: 3-Mar-2014 Author: Josh Due Date: 5-Mar-2014 Post: 11-Mar-2014 Author: Mary Due Date: 12-Mar-2014 Post: 12-Mar-2014 Author: Josh Due Date: 13-Mar-2014 Post: 13-Mar-2014 Author: Mary Due Date: 21-Mar-2014 Post: 21-Mar-2014 Author: Josh Due Date: 26-Mar-2014 Post: 29-Mar-2014 Author: Mary Due Date: 27-Mar-2014 Post: 30-Mar-2014 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY What to include in an editorial calendar for blogging: Topic, details, keywords, audience, call-to- action and pictures/visual. 17. Resources internet/ for-writing-an-seo-blog-post/ keyword-density-for-seo/ blog-post-for-seo/ a-businss/ 18. Free Monthly Educational Seminars Bruce Jones Erica Paczkowski Design & Promote 630-995-7109 1952 McDowell Rd Suite 100 Naperville IL 60563 Learn More