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HR Tech Advisor Blog Posts

HR Tech Advisor Blog PostsBy: Andrew Belton Ward Christman

Are you passionate about HR Tech? If so, you will enjoy our HR industry related blog posts.

HR Tech Advisor provides consulting services for HR Tech vendors:Advice & Coaching sales and marketing strategy, business plans review, product feature review, competitor analysis, etc.Build, Buy or Partner? We help your CEO answer this question and grow your business!Indirect Sales we help you evaluate current partnerships, discover new alliances, and develop channel sales opportunities.

The following slides feature a summary of blog posts from the HR Tech Advisor Blog.

ARI Enhances Global Recruiting Strategy with the iCIMS ATS

Erin Weaber, MS, GPHR, Manager, Global HR Operations for ARILearn how ARI achieves great results, like less than average turnover in the first year of a call center new hire, with the help of a great ATS partner ARI is a global vehicle fleet management organization that has more than 2700 employees but still retains an incredible family-oriented cultureOur upcoming challenges and opportunities mostly involve our exciting global expansionUsing iCIMS has allowed us to operate our recruiting team more efficientlyClick here to view the post

By: Ward Christman

Two Key Trends Uncovered From New TrustRadius Buyers Guide to Core HR SoftwareHR software buyers are showing a shift in requests from features to usability. More and more users are looking for a better user experienceReviews on the TrustRadius site show a growing importance of UX in purchasing decisions in the HR space. In reviews of core HR products, end-users commonly mention intuitiveness and ease of use as strengths or areas needing improvementA lot of HR tools are evolving from being specialized to becoming talent management suites by adding broader functionalities from other adjacent HR categoriesIm seeing a huge shift towards partnering to meet customer and market needs. This path is becoming easier thanks to better standards and connectivity via APIs and data interchange hubs, with additional alliance building resources coming soon to support this need for collaborationClick here to view the post

By: Ward Christman

SpringRole: Bringing Crowdsourcing & Gamification To RecruitingSpringRole leverages ease of use and actionable recommendations to make recruiting funSpringRoleenables anyone to monetize what historically would be regarded as an idle asset: the value of their social capital; their personal relationshipsSpringRole is a crowdsourcing recruiting platform that enables anyone to quickly and easily receive cash rewards ranging from $25-$150 or more by referring their friends and acquaintances for job openingsSpringRole uses an advanced algorithm to provide users with suggested people to refer for posted job openingsSpringRole is a cheap, fast, very easy to use, and prospectively cost-effective way to crowdsource a candidate pool for job openingsSpringRole is designed to be simple, quick, easy, and transactionalClick here to view the postBy: Evan Herman

Recruitifi Bringing Crowdsourcing & Gamification To RecruitingRecruitifilaunched in December 2013 and was recently named the 2014 HR Product of the Year from Human Resource Executive MagazineRecruitifiis acrowdsourcingrecruiting platform that provides employers a cost effective way to source talent by letting them select and post jobs privately to up to 250 expert recruitersRecruitiFicapitalizes on the work already done by an expert recruiter who has recently conducted a comparable search for what an employer may be targetingRecruitifiis an interesting business, technology, and approach to recruitingRecrutificould be a valuable RPO for smaller companies who lack the resources to hire both external search firms and develop their own internal recruiting teamsClick here to view the post

By: Evan Herman

Top 20 Reasons to Hire a Vendor Selection ConsultantBuying tech for your company is never easy, and the stakes are high, so usethe highlightedtips tosecure the funding needed to hire a vendor selection consultantBuilding a valid business case that your executives will approve and support is never easy, your consultant can help map your projects goals to business drivers that will show resultsHistorically 50% of IT projects fail lower your risk and improve your chances for success greatly by bringing in an expertWith thousands of HR tech vendors adding new features every day and new ones coming online every week, your only hope of keeping up is by leveraging a consultants market knowledge to help you arrive at a better decision, fasterTaking on vendor selection in house would require FT effort to do it even close to rightClick here to view the post

By: Ward Christman

Becki Graff shares how GNSI excels in recruiting thanks to ATS partner iCIMS

Rebecca Graff, HR Generalist at GlobalNet Services, Inc.GNSI is a mid-sized technology firm based outside of DCWe use theiCIMS Social Distributionadd-on to make that fast and easy. We love it and want to use it even more. Its only been a few months, but as we push jobs toFacebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, etcThe iCIMS offering allows employees to make referrals directly to our HR team and the friends of our employees can express interest in the jobs shared by employeesiCIMS also makes it so easy to post to other online sources like job boards. The auto-repost feature is awesome, it helps keep our jobs looking fresh on the job boards, one less thing to worry aboutiCIMS is a great system; if anyone is considering an ATS they should seriously consider iCIMS because they really are a best of breedClick here to view the post

By: Ward Christman

Joe DeMaio Transforms Jeffersons HR Service Delivery via a Centralized PeopleSoft Hybrid Technology StackOnce we get you, we want you to stay. Some of the tech will drive career plans, career paths and strategic succession plansYoull first need leadership commitment or youre not going anywhere. You must have a good strategic plan in HR that aligns with the overall enterprise strategic planSoon employees will be able to see how they can progress from one job to another based on skills and competency matching and apply to a job in any of the Jefferson business unitsClick here to view the postBy: Ward Christman

Joseph DeMaio, Director of HRIT & HR Shared Services at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals

Ray Schreyer & the Power of SEO Driving Results for IBM Recruitment Marketing

By: Ward Christman

Ray Schreyer, SEO Recruitment Marketing Expert

SEO is the lowest cost solution but it takes time to develop, typically years, to make the first page. SEO must be part of our strategic planCompanies will have to invest in the new age of social and the big cost is in peoples time to truly manage the process to ensure success. With more companies catching onto SEO its only going to get more expensive in the future as CPC and CPI rates continue to climbThe future is leveraging referral networks for getting the right job to the right person with the right skillsClick here to view the post

Is Your Employee Referral System Being Trumped by Your Culture?All the catchy names, monetary rewards, tchotchkes, and award ceremonies in the world wont save your ERP if your company is a place people dont enjoy workingCultural issues that create an unpleasant work environment are as many and varied as there are companiesSome people are quite happy staying in a job they like and do well. But most people crave opportunities to do something bigger and more challengingEveryone wants to know that their employer appreciates what theyre doing. When people dont get pats on the back and/or they dont understand how their work contributes to the organizations performance, morale suffersClick here to view the post

By:Pat Schaeffer

Kevin Fretz Drives Business Results for STS with New Global HR Technology

Standardizing our processes and normalizing our HR data are the two key elements of the project that delivered award winning business resultsYou really have to understand your internal requirements and what your biggest issues are before you start on your search, if you start looking at systems before you know your needs youre going to buy something that doesnt work for youOur parent company was using SAP and it worked great for them, but based on our defined requirements it wasnt right for STSDont buy a system because other people use it, buy the system thats going to work for youClick here to view the post

By: Ward Christman

BountyJobs: Crowdsourcing Contingent Recruitment

A marketplace since 2006, BountyJobs shines for employerswanting one place to manage their contingent recruitment effortsBountyJobs provides a marketplace for contingent recruitment by connecting companies with job openings with a network of over 10,000 recruiters. A privately held company, BountyJobs is backed by Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, and RPM Ventures. BountyJobs was named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing private companies in both 2011 and 2012BountyJobs is an online marketplace that is intended to address inefficiencies in procuring recruiting services from third party firms and individuals BountyJobs calls headhunters. BountyJobs provides companies with a cloud-based vendor management technology that centralizes third party recruiter communications, performance metrics, and contracts into a single platformBountyJobs is free for both employers and recruiters to join the BountyJobs marketplace. BountyJobs earns its revenue by taking a percentage of the fees paid to headhunters on the platformClick here to view the postBy: Evan Herman

David Schaaf & Penn Medicine Success Profile on Video Interviewing