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  1. 1. Editing The Blog and The Main Task AS Media - Chloe and Brandon.
  2. 2. The Blog This is a blog post list. Here we are able to access our blog posts, edit them and create more. We can also create labels and dates for our work here.
  3. 3. The Main Task This is the multi track session in Audition that we used to create our radio broadcast. Each different box represents a different piece of sound which has been put together to create our radio broadcast
  4. 4. The Main Task This is a sound clip of one of the presenters which has been edited in waveform so that you can edit each piece of sound in more detail
  5. 5. The Equipment Used We used a studio mic to record the voicing of our Radio Bulletin. We did this because we felt like the Studio Mic had the best final production quality.
  6. 6. The Equipment Used We used the computers to monitor the audio file as we recorded it. We were able to see how loud we were speaking, and listen back to it once it was saved. This was very beneficial for us.