Pacific tycoon is gearing up for investment opportunities in china

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Transcript of Pacific tycoon is gearing up for investment opportunities in china

  • China is the second biggest economy in the world and is growing at a steady pace driven by trade. The industries in Chinese cities have risen up to the occasion with brisk participation in the growth agenda. A report released in April 2014 by Standard Chartered economists reveals that China, the true mega-trader beat Britain in trade with a share of 11.5% of world trade and also of 47% its own GDP. The report by Global Trade Unbundled suggests that China will continue to lead the world trade and position itself as a champion of free trade. Considering these indicators the report expects that China is likely to double its trade by the year 2020.
  • Factors driving Chinese Trade The overall economic recoveries in developing countries is reason enough for higher demand for Chinese goods increasing Chinas exports translating into more high yielding investment opportunities in China. China has established itself as a key figure in the global supply chain operations. The low-cost-advantage label of Chinese products is fast disappearing helping China to occupy higher positions in the value chain. Increase in imports in China fuelled by the shift towards consumption locally, encouraging China to augment global trade.
  • Alliance and Advantages Pacific Tycoon, the leading container leasing company based in Hong Kong, sees the Chinese domination in trade as a big high yielding investment opportunity in China for the shipping container industry. In addition, the P3 Alliance of Maersk approval by the regulators of China and Europe they look forward to begin their operations in this region by the fall of 2014. That means the top three container shipping companies will benefit through cost cutting by sharing the port facilities and the vessels. The alliance enables these partners to provide faster and more efficient movement of cargo cost effectively. The total savings of Maersk is expected to be $1 BILLION per annum.
  • China Greece shipping route to Europe trade Greece and China have signed the shipping, energy and trade deals worth about $4 BILLION during the Chinese premiers visit to Athens. China has shown greater enthusiasm in Greece since the presence of Chinese shipping company at the port ofPiraeus which turned out to be mutually beneficial to both countries. In this favourable scenario Chinas Development Bank has signed a loan agreement of $1.5 BILLION withthe shipping company Cost Mare for adding more vessels. Greek ship owners signed agreements worth $1.4 BILLION with other Chinese banks. Greek ship owners are the biggest customers of the shipyards of China. All this adds up to the increasing demand for shipping containers opening up high yielding investment opportunities in china for Pacific Tycoon.
  • Potential Benefit of Arctic Route Given that Arctic ice sheets are shrinking and the sea routes are opening up giving impetus to sea trade between Asia and Europe. This is considered to be the busiest trade route in the world and China will benefit greatly using this to boost their international trade activity that includes shipping containers. Pacific Tycoon is geared up to capitalize on this huge opportunity for boosting market share in container leasing.
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