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  • 8/2/2019 NNdustrie Media Intro


    NNdustrie Media



    [email protected]






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    NNdustrie Media


    NNdustrie Media as a company has been around

    for the last ten years. In the last 4 years it has

    been operating as a small print and design shop.

    Focusing primarily on contract clients to act as aninhouse printer and designer. NNdustrie Media is

    owned and operated by Nathan White, a graphic

    designer of nearly 10 years. He started with Pho-

    toshop 7 and self taught himself using the similar

    tutorials that is intended for this series. Some of

    our clients have included Nickelodeon and the

    Salvador Dali museum.

    NNdustrieMedia Tutorials will be a regularly up-

    dating tutorial series that is tailored for the new

    user. Each tutorial will highlight where they cannd and learn how to create some of the days

    coolest and hippest tricks. Each tutorial will take a

    users step by step, explaining each step and pro-

    cess. The processes and reason will be explained

    so the user gains a more through understandingof Photoshop while gaining foundational skills, all

    while creating something cool.

    Each tutorial will being with instructions and re-

    course on were and how to nd source material to

    use in the tutorial, showing the user how to ac-

    quire resources to try and test for each tutorial. By

    running each tutorial through on different images,

    the user will gain a more through understanding

    of Photoshop and the principals that go into mak-

    ing great effects and designs.

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    NNdustrie Media

    Target Audience

    We dene a new user as someone who is either

    never opened Photoshop or someone whomay have some rudimentary experience

    but lacks any real under-

    standing of how use the

    tool that is Photoshop. By

    focusing on creating Tu-torials that even a novice

    user can follow, a tutorial

    that will allow them

    create something that

    is cool. Allow them

    to create compli-

    cated looking effects

    but are in reality very simple tricks. What we

    wont be doing is showing users how to create

    Bevels, Embosses, or Drop shadows, the hall-

    mark of bad design and inexperience Photoshopusers.

    We anticipate that by creating these tutorials we

    are taping into a small but growing marketplace

    of students, moms, and amateurs that are pas-sionate about creating cool things but often nd

    other tutorials to be either confusing, complicated

    or anticipative of the user to having certain un-

    derstanding of how to use Photoshop. By provid-

    ing these new users with the capability to createsomething cool will expect users will return and

    partake of other offerings.

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    NNdustrie Media

    PERSONAAge: 32

    Location: SLC, UtahFocus: Creative

    Education: Mom

    With the rise of Facebook and Pinterest, the

    desire to, if we are honest with ourselves to im-

    press our friends and family increase with each

    new connection medium. With the sheer vol-

    ume of content being shared daily, one needsto be creative and unique if you want to stand

    out and have people take notice. Our user,

    Hanni wants to learn how to create creative and

    unique content to share with her friends and

    family. But is often, hampered by overly compli-cated tutorials .

    It is hard to nd the time to unravel a difcult

    and complicated tutorial. Hanni is looking for

    simple easy and unique tutorial that will allow

    her to stand out amongst her friends and family.

    When one creates a tutorial they often forget

    to see things thru the aspect of a beginner and

    make big leaps amongst the content. If we want

    people to be able to become knowledgeably

    by following what is created we need to run ourtutorials by those who arent in the media and

    computer world and see how they do.

    When a stating the different ratings of such

    tutorials there isnt a common rating,only thethoughts and precept ions of the creator. So if

    you see the words level intermediate you dont

    really know what youll see and how much

    explanation you will receive. Often the as-

    sumption of most tutorials is that one has someknowledge of the software and therefore jump

    to shortcuts.

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    NNdustrie Media

    Revealing the dirty little secrets of Photoshop

    If for any reason you are not completely satisedI hate you!

    The podcover logo is a derivative of NNdus-trie Medias primary logo. Since ultimately

    the purpose of the Podcast is to expand ex-

    posure, the podcover should symbolize the

    overall branding and not act as a stand alone

    product. The following are the logo scaled tothe 3 primary sizes used by most devices.



    173 px






    300 px

    600 px





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    NNdustrie Media











    Medium length video tutorials covering Photoshoptechniques or effects. Each episode will focuson demonstrating and explaining in-depth howto achieve or duplicate Photoshop effects. Each

    month, I will select one to two topics to cover andDevelop step by step instructions on how toachieve the effect. The episodes will be brokeninto 2 to 3 segments, each resources and optionalsteps or process. Each episode will also come witha companion PDF document that contains the tu-torial in a text format with Screenshots and whenavailable some more in-depth discussion on thesteps that where taken to develop the content.

    Each episode will begin with a screencast of thelogo displayed on the desktop being recorded.I will introduce the Company, Identify this as a

    The rst segment is dedicated to showing the

    user where and how to nd resources to use witheach particular episode.

    This segment is dedicated to the actual step bystep instructions on how to achieve the desiredeffect.

    [optional] If needed, the tutorial will cover ex-tra resources or programs that can be used toachieve or enhance the particular effect.






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    NNdustrie Media


    Shrink your images


    http://nathanwhite.me/ Tuts/Ep1_plug.mov

    Episode 1 plug description goes here.

    [email protected]

    Photoshop Tutorials, Photography

    Mon, 24 Jul 2006 16:21:00 GMT

    [email protected]

    Learn how to...

    This tutorial will cover how to ...

    PhotoShop, Tutorials, Effects

    NNdustrieMedia Tutorials


    Learn how to create some of today best and coolesteffects even if youve never touched Photoshop before.


    Photoshop, Tutorials, Education


    Photoshop, Tutorials, Photographyen-us


    [email protected]


    Revealing the secrets of Photoshop

    NNdustrie Meida

    [email protected]

    Learn the ins and outs of some of todays best

    tricks of the trade


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    NNdustrie Media

    METADATAUSEAs discussed, the application of MetaData is far

    from consistent. I did not have access to an Appledevice for my testing so my test are limited toI-tunes for windows and Dogcatcher a Podcatcherfor Android devices. The major difference in theapplication of Metadata was in the tag. It was impractical to limit my charactercount to 90 as this was the eld that populate thedescription eld in the app. This particular issue

    had little effect on my XML formatting as the useof Apple Specic tags overrode the longer tag, so in both apps, the I was able toachieve the look and feel I wanted.

    The only issue I ran into with I-tunes was setting

    the podcovers cover art. I tried a couple of meth-ods that was either unsuccessful or impractical. Aswe discussed in class this is an issue that Appleneed to address and until then we are left to dealwith it.

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    NNd strie Media



    This assignment has taught me a fair bit about tothink about preparation before production. I wentinto this assignment with some pretty specicassumptions about how I wanted to approach pro-duction and the time I would take to achieve mygoals but in the end I found that my assumptionswhere inaccurate. One I thought I was going toeasier to produce the tutorials, that it would onemaybe two takes and done. However each tuto-rial took anywhere between 4 - 10 takes. The rsttutorial taking 10 takes as I realized how poorlyprepared I was. By the end though It only tookabout 4 takes to get the result I wanted.

    Even though we discussed this issue in class,it was surprising how little conformity there isamong device manufacturer and developers onthe use of Metadata. Given how important meta-data is to communication between developers and

    devices, it is surprising that they are doing such apoor job of implementing it.

    This has been and interesting exercise, which Ithoroughly enjoyed, my only regret is that I wishI could have dedicated more time to experimenta-tion, instead of rushing through this last part at

    10:34 pm the night before it is due. Oops