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A2 Media An introduction into A2

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Page 1: A2 media intro

A2 Media

An introduction into A2

Page 2: A2 media intro

The course structure

Course200 marks

C/W100 marks

R&P20 marks


40 marks

Ancillary tasks20 marks

Evaluation 20 marks

Exam‘Critical perspectives’

100 marks

Section A‘Theoretical Evaluation of

Production’50 marks

Section B‘Contemporary Media Issues

Postmodernism’50 marks

Page 3: A2 media intro

Value of Marks

AS • 200 marks

A2 • 200 marks

A level • 400 marks

Page 4: A2 media intro

Marks needed for TG

AS & A2/200

A level/400

A 160 320

B 140 280

C 120 240

D 100 200

E 80 160

Page 5: A2 media intro


Page 6: A2 media intro


• I might change the task…..

• Right now:– 5 minute documentary– +Ancillary: newspaper advert (print)– +Ancillary: double page magazine spread (print)

Page 7: A2 media intro

Sample ancillary

Page 8: A2 media intro

Sample ancillary

Page 9: A2 media intro

Past year samples

Page 10: A2 media intro

Might do….Trailer Short film Music video




Page 11: A2 media intro

Exam‘Critical Perspectives’

Section A: Section B

Page 12: A2 media intro

Section A

• Theoretical evaluation of productions• 50 marks (1/2 of total exam)• 2 parts of exam– 1A: 25 marks– 1B: 25 marks

• You are applying theory to your production work• 1A: all about YOU and YOUR SKILLS• 1B: all about THEORY and how you

applied/considered theory

Page 13: A2 media intro

1A = AS & A2

AAS & A2

Digital Technology


Conventions of real

media texts

Research & Planning


*try to put in theory

*Could be 1-2 of these

Page 14: A2 media intro

1B = AS or A2

BOne only





Media Language

*Explaining how you considered and applied at least 2 theories (theorists)

Page 15: A2 media intro

Section B• ‘Contemporary media issues’• 50 marks• ½ of exam• Quite complex, theoretical and all about debating current issues• ‘Postmodernism’

– All about the era after modernism– Some pomo features:

• Nothing new: recycle the past• Reference to other texts• Hybridity

– Will study case studies and theorists• Black Mirror• Catfish (START WATCHING THIS ON MTV!!!!) • Facebook• A range of films• Online videos• Advertising campaigns• Video games such as GTA

Page 16: A2 media intro

Today…..• Set up A2 blogJanesmitha2media.blogspot.com

1st post: AS Media GradesLeave blank…

2nd post: Summary of ASIn AS I learned the following:In AS my favourite thing was….In AS my least favourite thing was….I was really strong at…..I was really weak at….In A2 my targets would be…

3rd post: Introduction into A2Today we learned about what A2 is all about, I learned….

If time….• Intro to InDesign and Photoshop…..