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  • 1. Natural Wondersof the World Text Only Version

2. The Natural Wonders of the World Tour Lists of seven wondersbegan in ancient times bythe Greeks. The "SevenNatural Wonders" listsvaried, resulting in manymore than seven wonders. 3. The Natural Wonders of the World Tour We will visit seven wonders thatare truly remarkable feats of thenatural world. 4. Angel Falls Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park, Venezuela in a remote jungle. It is the highest waterfall in the world, more than twice the height of the Empire State Building, and three times the height of the Eiffel Tower. 5. Angel Falls,Venezuela 6. Aurora Borealis "NorthernLights" The Aurora Borealis appears inthe far northern night sky as a faintglow on the horizon. Green and redflames of light stretch across thesky. A glowing curtain of lightforms, waving and swirling aboveyou. As the lights fade away thedark night closes over you onceagain. 7. Aurora Borealis "NorthernLights" 8. THE ROCK: ULURU (AYERSROCK) Long considered a sacred place by the Aborigines, Ayers Rock is located in central Australia in the Northern Territory. It is the worlds largest monolith, rising 862.5 meters (1,143 feet high) and covers an area of 3.33 square kilometers. 9. ULURU, Australia 10. Guilin There is a popular saying aboutGuilin, "the mountains and water ofGuilin are the finest under heaven."Guilin is located in the northeast ofGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region(South China) and is famous for itsdramatic peaks, clear waters, caves,and long history. 11. Guilin, South China 12. Grand Canyon Measured in Colorado River miles,the Grand Canyon is 277 miles longand begins at Lees Ferry and ends atthe Grand Wash Cliffs. It is 18 milesacross at its widest point and consistsof more than one million acres of land!At the North Rim (which has onlyseasonal access) it is 6000 feet (1829meters) deep. 13. Grand Canyon, Colorado 14. Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef stretchesalong the east coast of Queensland inAustralia. It is the worlds largest coralreef . It is over 2000km (1250 miles)long! It is not a single reef at all. It ismade up of over 2900 individual reefsvery close to each other. 15. Great Barrier Reef,Australia 16. Iguassu Falls Iguassu Falls is on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Igua comes means Great Water. The falls are 3 kilometres long and 60 metres high and consist of 275 separate falls. 17. Iguassu Falls,Brazil 18. Did you enjoy your trip?Make a Four Square with thistopic sentence:Today we visit the SevenWonders of the World.