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Grade 3 Web Wonders

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  • 1. Writing Day #1:WhyDay #2:Prompts - do you thinkCompare howStudents will some people a spider makeswrite 4 to 6 are afraid of a web and howsentences in spiders? What a person sewsresponse to would you tellon a missingeach writing them? button.promptDay #3: Do Day #4: Write Day #5: Silkyou think cara letter to a make thingsmanufacturersfriend tellingstrong. Writewould like tohim or herabout thingsmake bumpers about some of you use thatthat never get the thingswould bea dent? Whyspider silk can better if theyor why not?do. were stronger.

2. Day #2:Combining Nouns.Day #1:1. Spiders crawl.Read each1. The spider has Lizards crawl.sentence.a web. The spider 2. Spiders lay eggs.Combine thehas a trap.Chicken lay eggs.sentences using the2. I saw a spider. 3. Farmers likeproper connectorsI saw a fly. spiders. Scientistsand punctuation. like spiders.Day #3: Day #4:Day #5:1. The bug1. Flies were1. Spiders help crops.crawled. The antcaught. BirdsSpiders help flowers.crawled.were caught.2. The babies are2. Spiders have 2. Len found agone. The eggs areeight legs. Spiders spider. Len foundgone.have eight eyes.a firefly.3. The spiders grew.3. The ant got out. 3. The bug died.The web grew.The fly got out.The ant died.