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Muscle Contractions. Homework Review. Do Now. Review. All muscle must be stimulated In between axon and muscle is a neuromuscular junction Motor axon breaks into several branches called axon terminals Each branch forms a neuromuscular junction with a single muscle cell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muscle Contractions

Muscle ContractionsDo NowHomework ReviewReview

ReviewAll muscle must be stimulatedIn between axon and muscle is a neuromuscular junctionMotor axon breaks into several branches called axon terminalsEach branch forms a neuromuscular junction with a single muscle cell1 neuron stimulates many muscle fibersMotor unit neuron and all the muscles it stimulatesReviewNeuron and muscle fibers DO NOT touchSeparated by small, fluid filled gap called the synaptic cleftAcetylcholine (neurontransmitter) carries the impulse across the gap and delivers the messageIf enough acetylcholine is released, the permeability of the receiver changes, allowing for sodium to enter the surfaceResults in possible muscle contractionTypes of Muscle Contraction3 Different types of muscle contraction that are used in a variety of situationsIsometricEccentricConcentricIsometricsIsometrics are when there is a muscle contraction, but not change in muscle lengthGreat strengthening tool, used when pain is felt in a ROMExample: Planks, Pushing a wall, wall squatCan exert considerable force on an immovable object, even though not movement occursConcentricMost widely known form of muscle contractionDuring contraction, muscle length shortens to overcome resistanceExample: Bicep curlEccentricCommonly underutilized muscle strengthening techniqueResistance is greater than the muscular force being producedLeads to a lengthening of the muscle while contracting, instead of a shorteningNot to say that the weight has to be too heavy to lift

Resistance Training TechniquesThere are a countless number of ways to improve in strength trainingFunctional ExercisesIsometricsProgressive Resistance ExerciseIsokineticsPlyometricsFunctional ExercisesWhat does functional mean to you?Functional has to do with sport specific exercisesLadder drillsLAX stickFootballBasketballKinetic ChainHomeworkStudents are going to work in groupsDue Monday, each group must determine a concentric, eccentric and isometric exercise for their muscle group given. Students will pick muscle group out of a hat