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  • 1. Mobile Trends finding information on the goMegan Fox Computers in Libraries 2010

2. Mobile InformationIn 2009, for the first time ever, mobile phones were used more for accessing data than to make calls Global Mobile Data Market Update 2009, Chetan Sharma released 4/1/2010 3. How You SearchSMS (Text Messaging)Mobile WebMobile Applications 4. Texting still matters 5. SMS: TextMarks 6. SMS/Texting Search Google Text: 466453(best answer; need shortcuts) Yahoo Text: 92466(fastest) ChaCha: 242242 (humans, handles hard stuff,e.g. bicuspid tooth definition) kgb: kgbkgb (542542), (humans, costs $1 7. Mobile Web FullTranscodedMobile 8. Mobile Information What is MOST necessary for MOBILE users? 9. Libraries with Mobile SitesCheck Gary Prices ResourceShelf 10. Mobile Apps App 11. Libraries with iPhone Apps Check iLibrarian 12. Library Vendors 13. Library Vendors 14. Library Vendors 15. Your platform drives yourinformation seeking iPhone Google/Android Blackberry Microsoft/Windows Mobile Nokia Samsung Palm Many more worldwide 16. iPhone Apps on iTunes 17. Android Apps Market 18. Blackberry App World 19. GetJar App World 20. Mobile Platforms comScore February market share data for the US 21. Mobile Platforms 22. Twitter for Blackberry 23. Evernote on Android 24. Skype for Android, BB 25. Kindle App for iPhone 26. Moblin/Maemo 27. Your device drives your information seeking Data Audio/Voice Touchscreen/Gesture GPS/Location Camera QR/Barcode apps Augmented Reality 28. Voice 29. Voice 30. Voice: Dragon Search App 31. Video Chat on Android 32. Gesture Search for Android 33. Gesture: Bump 34. Gesture: Bump 35. Yahoo Sketch-A-Search 36. GPS: Next Train Home 37. Public Library Finder App 38. Google Near Me Now 39. Google Suggestions: Location Enhanced 40. Google Maps: Bikes! 41. Google: In stock nearby 42. Visual: Google Goggles 43. Visual: Google Goggles 44. Visual: Google Goggles 45. Visual: Google Goggles 46. Google GogglesTranslation 47. Visual: oMoby 48. Visual: Barcode Scanners 49. Visual: barcode 50. Visual: barcode payment 51. RedLaser/WorldCat 52. Visual: QR 53. Visual: QR 54. Barcodes in the catalog 55. Visual: QR 56. Barcodes on your phone 57. Library Card Barcodes 58. Barcode clearinghouse learinghouse_release.pdf 59. Augmented Reality 60. Augmented Reality 61. Google Stars 62. Google Universal Search 63. Google: QR URL shortener 64. Google Buzz 65. Bing 66. ChaCha SMS; API 67. What else is Hot? 68. Search Apps WebSearch Speedy Search 69. mLearning BlackboardMoodlePearsonEducation App 70. Parkmobile 71. Librarie$ Matter 72. Aldiko eBook Reader 73. Health Apps 74. Remembeer: Keep track of beers youve tried 75. Dropbox 76. Instapaper 77. NewsRack 78. Coming Next Stopping Services! TextBak, Izup 79. Coming Next 3D Displays 80. Coming Next 4G Next-Generation Networks 81. Coming Next Digital Gear 82. Solar charging 83. Text to Speech Motorola's new H17txt bluetooth + MotoSpeak text-to-speech application 84. Intel SENS Platform 85. Whats NextGoogles PromiseClearly, the mobile phone is the iconic device of themoment, and we're encouraging a new rule:Mobile First. When we announce new services fordesktop computers, such as real-time search, we willdebut an equally powerful mobile version. We willtake advantage of this new class of smartphone, whichis more sensory, acts as an extension of you, is awareof location, and can hear you, speak to you, takepictures and return information in a matter ofseconds.