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  1. 1. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS #1 Editors note/letters are common in music magazines and fashion magazines to sum up the month the magazine company has had events etc. Categories are commonly used to separate different aspects of the magazine, e.g. interviews, reviews, news. Page numbers are important in magazine contents pages to give easy access to the reader if they want a certain article, poster etc. This music magazine has styled its categories to fit the genre. For example, the sub heading Famous Last Words is a song by a band in this genre. Also commonly used is the feature of subscriptions persuading the audience to buy each issue Get K! Delivered To Your Door
  2. 2. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS #2 Unlike the previous magazine, this contents page has used most of the frame with a main image. This way, the readers know what the main focus of the magazine may be on in this case, Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner. The colour scheme of this page is mostly red, black and white, as these colours contrast each other greatly. For example, the background being white, the page numbers being black, and the information of the page being red all catch the readers attention and easily demonstrate clarity and whats what, as oppose to colours that are similar which would possibly cause confusion. This magazine also advertises the option of subscribing, however it has advertised a special offer as this issue was published near Christmas. Magazines may do this as it can be used as a gift from one person to another, and also because it would be cheaper.
  3. 3. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS #3 In my opinion, this magazine contents page has a better layout than the others as it is more organised. For example, instead of images placed spontaneously around the page, this one displays a more formal and arranged layout. Like the previous magazine, this contents page also uses the contrasting colours of red, black, and white, again displaying how it is easy to read and makes certain aspects noticeable, but does not overuse the colour. The masthead of this contents page reinforces the formal and arranged look, for example the Issue 307 is placed specifically in the middle of the page with contrasting colours, to make it prominent. The main image is a close up of Lana Del Rey, reinforcing the genre of music the magazine entails, to engage the reader and fans of the artist, however the contents page also has smaller images, to demonstrate other bands/articles which may be included.