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Contents Pages

Contents Pages

The main articles are listed with there page numbers next to them and the others are listed as features or specials.


Many don't have the links to social media on the contents page unless it is a special editors edition of which they want to get there name out there.

External Links

The front page is used as an image at the top or bottom of the page to remind readers of what issue they are reading. This mostly a marketing technique rather than a magazine choice as its easier for audiences to look than read.

Front Cover

The colour of the background is again a simple block so that the main article photo does not have the attention drawn away from it and you can recognise the artist via their face. Its also done so you can manipulate the artificial lighting so the text can be read. In certain issues of the subject is famous enough you cam get away without using a block colour.

Colour Scheme

Many of the magazines use adverts based towards their target audience so they can sell more merchandise or push certain deals and offers again giving them an incentive to buy.


Most of the contents pages have the issue date somewhere on the page to reinforce which issue youre reading if you dont pay attention to the front cover.

Issue Number