LTPAC and Care Transitions

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Health Information Exchange. LTPAC and Care Transitions. MDH “Part C” Stakeholder Meetings. AGENDA. Why Are We H ere? What is HIE? What’s Happening with HIE across the US and MN? How is HIE being used? Open Discussion. Why Are We Here?. Purpose: Statewide Funded Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of LTPAC and Care Transitions

  • MDH Part C Stakeholder Meetings


  • Why Are We Here? What is HIE? Whats Happening with HIE across the US and MN? How is HIE being used? Open Discussion

  • Purpose:Statewide Funded Program Connecting Long-Term and Post-Acute Care with other Healthcare providersFull Participants in Continuum of CareFinancial Incentives Understanding your needs

  • a means to securely exchange patient information between authorized users and/or organizations.

  • a way to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care information systems while maintaining the meaning of the information

  • Types of HIE:Direct Secure Messaging Push technology that allows physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and other entities to exchange results, reports, and other clinical data over a secure network

  • Types of HIE:Connect QueriesUsed by an organization for connecting their edge system(s) into health information exchanges to engage in the secure exchange of interoperable health information

  • Key Requirements:Opt In or Opt Out?Patient Identity MgmtSecurityTrustBusiness Requirements

  • HIE-BridgeDirect:Secure MessagingProvider DirectoryPush by HumansPush by Systems

  • Secure Point-to-Point Messaging

  • Direct MessagingReferralsTreatment PlansEmails to FamiliesEmails to CliniciansQuestions

  • HIE-Bridge Connect:Query for InformationRecord LocatorPatient QueryConsent ManagementSearch across all Participating Organizations

  • Secure Patient Look Up and Retrieval

  • Secure Patient Look Up and Retrieval

  • Connect QueriesNew Resident AdmitFind Medication HistoryFind Most Recent Visits

  • Advanced ExampleChange NotificationsQuery to Find WhereDirect to send notifications to resident facilityExample: Changes in Prescriptions or PT

  • Price: $15/month/userSet up/Maintenance: $150/year

    CHIC Incentive: $2,222/sitePrice: $35/year/bed* or $20/month/user*Set up/Maintenance: $-Vendor Dependent

    CHIC Incentive: $5,555/site

    * - may be vendor dependent

  • Questions:How do you communicate with Providers, Families, 3rd Parties?What types of information would you want to receive? Or share?Who could benefit first? How?What technology do you currently use?EMR-typeEmail with attachmentsOther?

  • Thank you!

    Community Health Information Collaborative

    Cheryl Stephens, PhDPresident/[email protected]: 218.625.5515

    *9/5/2012NE MN Child and Teen Checkup Partnership *