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  • 1. Desert

2. Weather/ ClimateThe weather in the Desert averageis 40 -45 C 3. Locations Worldwide Some locations around the world are the North American Desert also the Great Basin Desert. 4. The Great BasinDesertThe Great Basin Desert is one of fourDeserts in North America. This Desert iscold but it is still a Desert. The Great BasinDesert covers a little less then a quarter ofNorth America. 5. PlantsSome plants are Pipe Cactus Popcornflower Morman Tea the Fairy Duster alsoDesert Ironwood 6. Pipe CactusThe Pipe cactus only grows in oneparticular Desert. This type of cactusonly grows to a certain height it is7.61999 in meters. 7. Popcorn FlowerPopcorn Flowers only grow in sandy areas witch is most Deserts.This plant is mostly found in California. 8. Fairy DusterA Fairy Dusters blooms are pink and the middle of it isred and grows to five to six feet tall. This type of plantmostly grows in California but also in the desert. 9. Morman TeaMorman Tea is a fuzzy plant. Morman Teagrows in many parts of U.S. A. There areplants related to this plant such as theMexican Tea and a few more. 10. Desert IronwoodDesert Ironwood only grows in the Sonoran Desert.Desert Ironwood turns into charcoal after beingburnt. 11. AnimalsSome animals are the Red Kangaroo, the Bilby ,Goannaand Camels. 12. CamelsOlder camels grow up to 6 feet tall. Camelshave about 2 hoofs on one foot. People callCamels the Ship of the Desert. 3. 13. Red KangarooHere is a interesting facts not all Red Kangaroos are red!!A Kangaroos diet is grass that is what they eat and they can go a long time without water. 14. BilbyBilbies live up to six years , so when they aresix the might die. Bilbies have a long toung anda long snout. Bilbies have a black tail and awhite tip. 15. GoannaGoannas grow up to 2.5 metres long in their lifespan. Goannas eat small insects lizards and morecreatures. Goannas are found all over Australia . 16. Interesting FactsDid you know that the SaharaDesert is the worlds hottestdesert.Deserts are the hottest biomeon earth. Did you know that one third of the world is covered in deserts. 17. Food ChainInsectsSnake Bugs LizardLeavesRatsGarbagRattleeSnake Mice 18. TheEndPictures By Free Digital Photos. net