League of Kickass #11 - From Digital to Reality - Canvas Pop

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Transcript of League of Kickass #11 - From Digital to Reality - Canvas Pop

  • From virtual to real How DNA 11 was conceptualized and is growing by creating real art from digital images

  • First a little historyWe founded DNA 11 in late 2005

    DNA 11 makes custom portrait from your DNA, fingerprints , and lips

    Built on a bootstrap business model ($2000 start up capital)

    Today, multi-million dollar, global company (52 countries)

    Most of our sales: WOMA, Social Media and PR

  • www.dna11.com dna 11 twitter.com/dna11

  • So Whats Next?We wanted expand and diversify our product offering beyond our niche

    Leverage our operational infrastructure

    Minimize additional investment required

    Go after a market that is underserved without any clear market leader

    You are among the first to hear about this new company.

  • The easiest way to print any image or photo regardless of size onto quality canvas.

  • Facts:

    50 bln digital photos taken in 2007, 60 bln by 2011

    20% of digital camera owners exercise their artistic skills (prosumers)

    11% of Americans have more than 10,000 digital photos

    9% of all consumer images are taken on cell phones

    90% of all professional photos taken in 2010 will be digital

  • 1. Facebook : 10 billion 2. Photobucket : 6.2 billion 3. Flickr : 2 billion

  • Is this image art?

  • So What?heavily leverage social media as a central part of our marketing effortsaccept any resolution image (Think Facebook / iPhone)integrate with and create partnerships with key playersposition ourselves as the market leaders in a leaderless market nicheFocus on technology and innovation with design.

  • 15 seconds of fame.

  • How can you help?Join our list of beta clients- help us create and refine the service based on your needs:

    20% off for 40 people in this room

    Contact me: [email protected]