Kickass Team Meetings

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Effective Team Meetings

A meeting is an event when the minutes are kept and the hours are lost

You will only have one week this year for your team meetings (maybe even less)

Ineffective meetings cost $37 Billioneach year in lost productivity(37% of meetings start late too!)

$37 Billion

Of employees say meetings are theBiggest time waster in the office2014 survey47%1 week

What does better look like?(and how do the best of the best do it?)

Starts with the low-lights (ie. Problems)

Believes most meetings start with the highlights and dont get to the real issues until the end

60% of meeting time should be open discussion

Bill GatesSheryl SandbergBrings a spiral-bound notebook to every meeting

Crosses them off one by one, rips out the page after each page is complete

If 6 items takes 10 minutes, one hour is done

Kept meetings as small as possible

Felt too many minds in the room diluted simplicity (not surprising APPLE, king of simple)

Once declined dinner with Obama because of too many on the guest listSteve Jobs

Hates Social Cohesion, tendency for people to find consensus because it feels good

Prefers that people respectfully challenge each other even if its uncomfortable or exhausting

Has a 2 Pizza rule, invite only enough for 2 pizzasJeff BezosLarry PageSent out company wide email in 2011 on meetingsNo more than 10 people per meetingEVERYONE has input or they shouldnt be there

No Decision should ever wait for a meetingIf the meeting has to happen for the decision schedule it immediatelyAlways invites a high-performer to his meetings who doesnt belong

He calls this officer training similar to how officers on Nuclear Submarines have to know how to do everyones job before they become an officerPhil Libin

75% of the same people believe it's appropriate to read texts or emails during the same meetingsNo Notebook. No Phone.No Pen. No Computer.

this meansno PowerpointOne Hour Meeting = One Hour Preparation

Book your meeting room for 30 minutes prior to startGet in there early.Prep the room.

Prep the whiteboardTry a number play (write 3 numbers)Write the agenda againDo a fill in the blank exerciseGet the team up there tooDont be shy of objects / metaphors

Start ON time every time. People will take notice.Dont catch up anyone that shows up late (their bad!)Ask someone would you mind shutting the door?SMILE BIG.Dont dial anyone in if possible (tell them you will update them after

One Hour Meeting = Kick Ass Agenda

Comprehensive Meeting Handout

Posted to Chatter -1 DayPrinted and Handed before meetingVisual Callouts to RMsVisual welcome to guests (pix, title)Updated $$$Selling Events / updated weeklySimple 3-5 bullet point agendaHow are we doing?cool toolsRotating area (bottom right)Inspirational quote

Running a natural feeling meeting(covert research is necessary)

Know this before you start your meetingHow were your reps weekends?What did they do?Any birthdays this week?Any big wins last week?Whats the gossip/news around the office

I like to: Avoid the personal / professional win starter- If you must do it, get more creative (dream vacationbest movie in the history of movies, what animal would you be and why)I prefer to: lead with a conversationYou were in xyz location this weekend, Joe how was that? Did anyone else do anything fun this weekend? Did anyone read that post

25% of the meeting

Leading a dialogue and discussion

Let them arrive your conclusion (its like selling!) If the team decides it and you just recognize what they have realized, they will believe in it

Break up side discussions quickly, but compassionatelyGuys, I just want to be respectful of xyz, who is talking

Coax the team into self-policing bullies or dominating personalitiesThank someone as a transition if they self-police someone else

Own the flow of the discussionIf its time to shift the discussion, say I WANT to move on to the next topic. Letstable this for now. REMEMBER: YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE BOSS

50% of the meeting

Open Topics, Guests Input, End it Early

Open Topics If you have stuck to the timeline, you now have 25% of your meeting remaining. Why not open the floor up to let the team spark ideas?

Guest VisitorsI generally only allow guests 5 minutes of my team meeting. Thisis almost 10% of the meeting, so I ask them to condense to 5. TheyALWAYS ask for 10. Ask them for what they are covering in advance.

End It EarlyWhile you should always end on time, if you covered everything,end the meeting early. Give Time Back25% of the meeting

Create Intrigue and Excitement. Meetings Suck. Yours dont have to.

Make em Think (Numbers, pictures, creative agendas, mystery guests, objects)I LOVE putting up 3 numbers on the board to kick things off. Ask them what they thinkThe numbers are.closealmost. Any other ideas? Wow, you guys are almost thereThese numbers should be relevant to what they are facing/dealing with.

Get Away. Often. (I typically take the team offsite 4-6x per year 10% of the time)One of my best team meetings ever was held at the Tate Modern museum in London. I putteams of 3 together and the RMs had to take pix of art that best reflected certain challengesWe were facing. They had to post to Instagram and use a hashtag I gave them. We thenmet and explained the why behind our choices at the Museum.

Let them Lead. (every rep should lead at least 1 meeting per year)Challenge each person on your team to lead a meeting. Emphasize their strengths,have them focus on areas they want to develop. Help them architect the meeting.

Own the energy. Teams dont create energy. They feed off each others energy. But you are the catalyst.

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