5 Steps to Kickass Mobile Shopping Apps

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Mobile e-Commerce Apps Best Practices For Improving UX and Engagement
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Transcript of 5 Steps to Kickass Mobile Shopping Apps

1. Mobile e-Commerce Apps Best Practices For Improving UX and Engagement 2. Global mobile commerce spend continues to grow year after year @victoriahyoung Designing an experience to capture and convert mobile shoppers is becoming vital to all retailers. 3. How do customers discover your products? What causes them to download your app? What channels help increase basket size? For example, leveraging social can be a major advantage: the average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00. SOURCE: KISSMETRICS @victoriahyoung Understanding the full customer journey is crucial to optimizing the user experience at each step 4. 5. RETURN Designing the best mobile eCommerce experience requires optimizing 5 key stages: 2. NAVIGATE 3. BROWSE 4. PURCHASE 1. ENTER @victoriahyoung 5. Entry is the stage at the top of the funnel - getting users into the app. Its important here to remove all barriers to usage and adoption of your mobile app. Find ways to get users into the substance of the app so that they can use and experience the value of your service right away. Entry points in mobile strategy include: User Generated Content Notications E-mail Social 1. ENTER @victoriahyoung 6. ASOS is a leading eCommerce retailer that has designed customizable alerts for its shoppers available on all platforms -- including the new Apple watch. ASOS holds a rare 5-star review by over 1000+ users in the App Store. By making notications visual and customizable, ASOS adds value by reducing friction at the most difficult conversion point: entry. 1. ENTER (continued) CUSTOMIZED, VISUAL NOTIFICATIONS @victoriahyoung 7. Once the user is in your app, having streamlined, intuitive navigation is crucial for engagement and retention. Nothing is more frustrating for a user than not being able to nd and accomplish what they came to do. Important elements in navigation include: Menu drawer is accessible from all app levels Advanced search lters are available Lateral navigation that is sequential and consistent 2. NAVIGATE @victoriahyoung 8. Revolve Clothing provides one of the navigation, search, and lter mobile experiences in eCommerce by focusing on: 1) Linear browsing ow from left to right 2) Clear navigation names 3) Consistent search and lter tools Users in the App Store rave about how easy it is to browse products in the Revolve Clothing app and either save or purchase them intuitively based on the icons and menus. Revolve also makes great use of the screen real estate by using transparent menus that overlay high-quality brand photos for seamless scrolling. Wherever a user is in their browsing experience, Revolve makes it intuitive and easy to navigate to any task they want to accomplish. 2. NAVIGATE (continued) INTUITIVE, CONSISTENT FLOW @victoriahyoung 9. Having quality product content in the app is crucial to help users make purchase decisions. Without the right content, chances of conversion are slim. As more browsing occurs on smartphones and tablets, creating content custom for these devices will improve conversion. Important content elements to consider: Variety of photos, from different angles to user generated photos Videos that exhibit product Charts that provide detail on product specications User reviews 3. BROWSE @victoriahyoung 10. Zappos is one of the leading retailers focused on helping consumers better experience what they are about to buy. To accomplish the best possible product browsing and research experience, Zappos focuses on: 1) Encouraging high quality product reviews 2) Custom, in-depth product videos 3) Photos of product at various angles 4) Detailed sizing information By providing comprehensive information in their mobile app, Zappos consolidates all product content, preventing users from needing to leave the app to search for additional information. 3. BROWSE (continued) DELIVER COMPLETE CONTENT @victoriahyoung 11. The most crucial step in the funnel - the actual conversion! Ensuring that this entire process is as seamless and pain-free as possible. 50% of checkout processes ask for information more than once - dont be one of them! Important aspects of the purchase experience: Storing known user information for repeat use Have complete order information in summary Decrease # of steps in checkout process 4. PURCHASE @victoriahyoung 12. Amazon famously makes buying as simple as possible, from introducing Prime to their new device Dash. Like Uber, Amazon believes in seamless payments and accomplishes it through: 1) Visual and voice search 2) Buy Now Button as call to action 3) One Click physical devices (i.e. Dash) 4) Cross-device integration with iWatch Making purchasing as easy as possible, Amazon removes the friction and pain in the shopping cart analysis and credit card input process. 4. PURCHASE (continued) ONE CLICK, SEAMLESS TRANSACTION @victoriahyoung 13. Once the user completes the transaction (hooray - conversion!), be sure to create opportunities for the user to return and repeat the cycle. After checkout is complete, hook the users by showing them new content or having them opt into notications or reminders about products they have previously saved or may purchase in the future. Key aspects to consider: Automatic product recommendations Notications and e-mail New content and product features 4. RETURN @victoriahyoung 14. Spring and Wanelo are two shopping apps that drive engagement through fresh, quality content. According to research by Google, apps that drive the highest engagement have the following key features: 1) Appealing app design and aesthetic (57%) 2) Always has new content (45%) 3) Access to previous browsing behavior 4) Delightful tone of voice Categories such as Discover, Trending, Magic, My Feed, or Browse, hook users by consistently delivering new content that is unexpected. By including calls to action such as Save For Later, the best eCommerce apps also create switching costs for users who want to access previously favorited items that they may want to revisit. 5. RETURN (continued) VARIETY AND DELIGHT HOOK USERS @victoriahyoung 15. Keep these 5 steps and best practices in mind for designing the most engaging mobile app! For more tips, follow @pixlee. @victoriahyoung 16. Pixlee @Pixlee usepixlee 17. Victoria Young KPCB Product Fellow and MIT Sloan MBA with experience at the intersection of business, design, and technology. Pixlee is a content marketing platform that helps brands leverage the content generated by their customers to drive sales. We work with over 100 customers, including top brands such as Kenneth Cole, Converse, UGG Australia, Mattel, Charlotte Russe, Marriott Hotels, and AMC Theatres, to drive higher online conversion, increase performance of owned media, and create a more authentic brand experience. @victoriahyoung ABOUT THE AUTHOR