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Kurzweil 3000. Kurzweil 3000. Designed for individuals with vision Learning disabilities Low vision TBI/ABI ADD/ADHD. Kurzweil 3000. Scans and reads Reads all formats Including scans and PDFs Includes KESI Virtual Printer Windows and Mac versions No more “Learn Station”. What’s New. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Kurzweil 3000

  • Kurzweil 3000Designed for individuals with visionLearning disabilitiesLow visionTBI/ABIADD/ADHD

  • Kurzweil 3000Scans and readsReads all formatsIncluding scans and PDFsIncludes KESI Virtual PrinterWindows and Mac versions

    No more Learn Station

  • Whats NewDAISY outputMathML support available on the Web with MathPlayerMathPlayer free from Design ScienceTalking calculatorGoogle translatorColumn note, outline, brainstorm

  • PricingKurzweil 3000Color Individual license $1395Also available (site license prices vary)Network versionWeb licenseUSB versionFireFly Web only; Web license requiredFree iPad app

  • Kurzweil 1000Very different interfaceDesigned for blind users

    KESI files work in both 1000 & 3000K1000 will open KESI files created in K3000

  • K3000 & K1000Can run together on same computerHook to flatbed scanner for student useNice to have in libraryEspecially in reference section with books that cannot leave the libraryAlso good in learning labsStudents can scan handouts, articles, etc.

  • Please note!KESI files on CDWill not allow student to save notes or annotationsCannot write to the CDKESI files that can be saved Hard drive or networkUSB drive

  • K3000 is a tool forIndividuals to scan and readDocument readingStudyingWriting support

    NOT a production scanner

  • KESI Files from ScansScan hard copy book to TIFFUse scanner software bundled with scannerScanning Utility 5000, CapturePerfectLoad TIFF into Kurzweil ProFile > OpenOr use KESI AutomaterKurzweil Pro runs OCRZone and edit as neededSave as KESI file

  • Running Scanner with KurzweilScanner must be TWAIN compatible

    If you see TWAIN in the flatbed scanner spec sheet, will be okay

    High-speed scanners can work but better to use utility that came with scanner

  • KESI Files from PDFObtain PDF from publisherLoad into Kurzweil ProFile > OpenUse KESI Virtual PrinterKurzweil Pro runs OCRZone and edit as neededSave as KESI file

  • DO NOTDo not run TIFF or PDF through an OCR program and save to PDF to take into KurzweilKurzweil will run OCR a second time!Wastes timeAdds OCR errors

  • When to scan with KESIIndividual students can use themselves for small projectsDo not expect students to scan own books!

    Sometimes when doing color

  • K3000 Premise See the pictureRead the underlying text

    What you see on screen is not the text being readText hides behind the picture

  • Kurzweil ProcessAnalyzes structure of pageDetermines zonesAnalyzes characters on pageOCRCreates underlying text

  • When EditingEdit zones firstRemove headers/footersSet primary textReads automaticallySet secondary textReads when selected

  • WorkflowFix page numbersView > Page > Set NumberHeader/footerCtrl + F8 (under Scan menu)Edit all zones for entire bookCtrl + F5 (under Scan menu)Edit underlying text (under Edit)Ctrl + F10

  • Reading ToolDocument reader (looks like the page)NOT a screen readerVerbalizes and highlights textCan also just highlight to provide focus or push reading speedCan set primary and secondary textCan create MP3s

  • Study SkillsHighlighting marker toolsAnnotation and notesWritten and auditoryExtraction Dictionary/ThesaurusColumn notes

  • Writing ToolsSpeaks as you typeAudible spell checkerWord predictionHomonym supportDrag and drop from reading document to writing document

  • Math SupportLimitedReads MathML on the WebMathPlayer requiredHas talking calculator

  • Test TakingGreat test-taking toolCustomizable levels of supportCannot accidentally change underlying text

  • Kurzweil SupportIf you want to run a scanner with Kurzweil, need one that is compatiblehttp://www.kurzweiledu.com/scanner_compatibility.asp

    Online video tutorialshttp://www.kurzweiledu.com/vid_gallery.aspx