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KURZWEIL 3000 Writing/Study Skills Supports Presented by Melissa Hawkins [email protected]

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Transcript of KURZWEIL 3000 Writing/Study Skills Supports · KURZWEIL 3000 Writing/Study Skills Supports ......

  • KURZWEIL 3000

    Writing/Study Skills Supports

    Presented by Melissa Hawkins [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]


    Identify the study skills tools available to support the

    learning and retention of the content.

    Identify the writing tools

    Identify the writing structures

    All tools/structures can be customized to an

    individual learner or a class as a whole.

  • Kurzweil is an integrated scan and read

    software program that provides

    multisensory access to reading material and

    tools for reading, writing, test-taking, and



    -Supports multiple tiers of instruction



    Students become more proficient writers

    Allows students to have control and ownership of their learning.

    Provides a multisensory approach pairing visual and auditory feedback.

    Improves study skills and reading comprehension, reading/writing fluency.

    Students demonstrate their knowledge

    Less reliance on a human scribe

    Supports the writing process

  • Study skills Tools:

    -SQ3R Strategy

    -column notes (Cornell style)


    -test taking tools


    -vocabulary lists

    -note extraction and conversion to outline format

    -creating a study guide


    -sticky note, footnote, voice notes

  • SQ3R Strategy with Kuzweil allows students to

    Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review to help

    engage students and read actively with a goal. It

    improves comprehension and retention of

    learned information. The direction packet is

    included as a document with this webinar.

  • Writing Tools:

    -talking word processor and spell check

    -word prediction

    -form creation, conversion, and completion tools

    -writing templates

    -graphic organizers

    -floating word lists for technical vocabulary

  • Steps to successful (whole class or individualized) lesson with Kurzweil embedded:

    1. Identify the learner profile and customize student toolbars or the template needed.

    2. Create the lesson or activity. View the many varieties of pre-set templates that may help reach the objective.

    3. Create the files needed and save them to appropriate locations. Do any materials need to be scanned or pulled from the web/creating a hyperlink?

    4. Set up the Review tailored to the writing task.NOTE: there are even teacher templates within Kurzweil.

  • Steps to successful at home support implementation:

    1. Provide parents with directions on how to download the cloud based Firefly and full software version from the website.

    2. Create passwords for the students.3. Be available to troubleshoot, or if purchasing

    through a company, sometimes it also includes tech. support.

    4. Create a BYOD night for parents where students can bring in their devices and present a training for parents/students.

    5. Create webinars for parents or set them up through the Kurzweil website to view webinars.

  • Go to Kurzweil website for:

    How to video library, webinars, self-study


    free 30-day download.