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Kraft Foods Analysis

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  • Kraft Foods Marketing Macro-environment analysis Teodor Laci
  • Forces of Marketing Macroenvironment analysis. 1.Demographic Forces 2.Economic Forces 3.Natural Forces 4.Technological Forces 5.Political Forces 6.Cultural Forces
  • Demographic Forces Kraft Foods make today delicious foods in 150 countries Power is Strong When The consumers Are Concentrated : A lot of Consumers Who Want The Same Thing
  • Economic Forces Porters Five Forces a) Bargaining Power Of Suppliers: HIGH b) Bargaining Power of Buyers: HIGH c) Threat Of New Entrants: LOW d) Rivalry Among Established Competitions: HIGH e) Threat Of Substitute Products and services: MEDIUM
  • Natural or Environmental Forces Environmental issues related to a) Weather b) Natural Disaster c) Climate change d) Pollution e) Etc. . Dont have impact in the performance of this company.
  • Technological Forces Use of modern technologies and equipments. US$ 499 million on R&D (2008)
  • Market & Customer Relationship
  • Market & Customer Analysis 1. Companys market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. 2. Customer relationship development 3. Development of Brand Name and Brand Loyalty
  • Companys market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies Kraft Foods segment their customers into the following four categories: 1. Health and Wellness 2. Quick Meals 3. Snacking 4. Premium Portofolio of Kraft Foods falls in 5 customer sectors: 1. Snacks 2. Beverages 3. Cheese 4. Convenient meals 5. Grocery
  • Customer Relationship Development In order to maintain the relationship of its products with its costumers: Developed ways to revitalize existing food products The firm Positions market information in categories of a) On time b) In time c) Timely.
  • Development of Brand Name and Brand Loyalty Krafts aim is to ensure that its products become consumers first choice. Kraft concentrates on the innovation and rapid development of these Power Brands by simultaneously ensuring that they provide more value for consumers.