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  • This Year, consider a Gift That Changes Lives

    This Year, Consider a Gift that Changes Lives

  • Poverty is a massive Issue.

    Half the worlds population lives on less than $3 per day.

  • The worlds problems are intractable alone...


  • $230 Million loaned

    600,000 lenders

    590,000 borrowers

    But a solution is possible together.

  • To your employees. 72% of American employees would choose to work for a company that supports charitable causes, all else being equal. (Deloitte 2004)

    Giving Makes a Difference . . .

  • To your customers. 86% of Americans would reward companies that support a cause when price and quality are equal. (Cone 2004)

    Giving makes a difference . . .

  • To people like Maria Idehen. Maria used her loan to build her grocery

    business and reinvested the profits to purchase a grinding machine that further

    increases her income.

    But most of all. . .

  • $25 Can Change a Life!

    Give Employees the Power to Choose Specific Entrepreneurs to Lend to. Lend Again and Again Once loans are repaid your employee or client can re-use your gift to lend to other entrepreneurs of their choice

    Measure collective impact of all your recipients through your Kiva Account.

    Unlike any other Holiday Cards

  • Two Card Delivery Options

    Electronic Cards

    Send by email or print to mail

    Easy to order online

    Can be disbursed immediately or set a date for e-cards to be sent

    Environmentally friendly

    Customize with personal message

    Physical Cards

    Mail tangible cards to your clients and/or employees

    Customize with your personalized message on the sleeve

    No Shipping fees domestically allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery

  • Kiva Card Features by Order Size

    Below $10k $10k - $15k Above $15k

    Electronic or Physical Card

    Option Available

    Order Online

    Order via Kiva Staff

    Tax Deductible Option

    Available 1

    Pay Only for Redeemed

    Cards 2

    1. Subject to Borrower Repayment; Current Repayment Rate is 98.75%

    2. 20% Down Payment required; Remainder billed upon card redemption

    1. Subject to loan repayment and currency fluctuation. Repayment rate as of July 29th is 98.79%. 2. 20% Down Payment required; Remainder billed upon card redemption. Option available to AAA rated companies only.

  • How to Order

    Order Online at

    Choose Kiva Gift Card type:

    Physical Card

    Electronic Card

    Log-in or Set Up Kiva Account

    Contact a Kiva representative via email at [email protected]

    For Orders up to $10k For Orders above $10k

  • Thank You!