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Transcript of Kickass Web Management Tools

  • Kickass Web Management Tools

  • Hello!I am Dave Poortvliet


  • 25,000 Students1,600 Faculty1,600 Staff500 Dept. Web Sites110,000 web pages

  • 9 member centralized web team

  • Team CommunicationDid you get my voicemail about the

    email that I called you about earlier?


  • TeamGantt

  • Google Docs

  • Zebra

  • Site DecisionsDave, how will the new CMS reduce the time I spend updating our site?

    You haven't updated your site since 2007, so it will not save you any time

  • Google Analytics

  • Segments

  • Audience > Mobile > OverviewBehavior > Site Content > Content Drilldown

  • Audience > Mobile > OverviewAudience > User Flow

  • Audience > Mobile > Overview

  • Heat Mapping

  • Site Search Logs

  • Survey Monkey

  • Usability Testing

  • VirtualBox

  • Other ToolsygolonhceT ecarbmE

    oops, my transparency is backwards

  • Photoshop

  • Coda

  • Aqua Data Studio

  • 1Password

  • Responsive Web Design Tester

  • Javascript Console J

  • Meeting Checklist

  • Whats the purpose? Do you really need to meet? What is the agenda? Whats your role? Come prepared.

    Meeting Checklist Summary

  • E-mailIm just calling to let you know I will be sending you an email



    Gmail Meter

  • FiltersThe RG Folder

  • Expectations

  • NRNno reply needed

  • Canned MessagesThanks so much for your email, [name]. Can you please give me a little more context on the situation here, and send over [the information about or data necessary to answer]? Once you send that over, Ill be able to respond.

    Credit: Alexandra Franzen

    Whats the Context?

    Not my job

    Pointless Project


    The Non Request

    The Laundry List

    Thanks so much for your email, [name]. Theres a lot to think about here. In the interest of getting back to you promptly, could you help me understand exactly what youd like me to assist with?

  • GMail Labs > Undo Send

    GMail Settings > General > Stars

  • Customer ServiceI faxed you a copy of the changes

    we need for the website


  • SiteImprove

  • Skitch

  • Jing

  • UserVoice

  • Feedback Buttons

  • The Phone


  • Dave, I cant log in to that one site.

  • Dave, I cant log in to that one site.


  • Dave, what is the status of the events feed for /housing?

  • Dave, what is the status of the events feed for /housing?


  • Dave, how do I get a .fp7 file off my Jaz Drive?

  • Dave, how do I get a .fp7 file off my Jaz Drive?

    no follow up

  • My Feet

  • What WorkedSLACK

    TeamGanttGoogle Docs

    ZebraGoogle Analytics

    HeatmapsSurvey Monkey

    Usability TestingVirtualBox

    SiteImproveSkitch & Jing


    SummaryWhat DidntIRC, AIM, BasecampExcelMS OfficeLighthouseServer LogsGA In-Page AnalyticsWeb Formsplug-in required toolsLots o machinesRelying on clientDroplr, Snagit, CapturFeedback Button

  • Thanks!Any questions?


    [email protected]

  • Thank [email protected]