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Unified ICTAdvanced HostingSolutions from Interoute

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  • 1. Advanced HostingSolutions from
  • 2. Interoute - from the Ground to the Cloud Interoute provides customers with a Our Customers comprehensive portfolio of solutions and International enterprises and on-line brands trust Interoute to services from the Ground (infrastructure and deliver their business critical systems every day. Whether it is ultra low latency solutions for financial trading, hosting secure connectivity) to the Cloud (managed services on-line ticket systems for the aviation industry, managing hosted within the Interoute private cloud). the heavy demand for a social networking site with over 100 million members, e-gaming for household names, record Our Unified ICT enterprise strategy is an approach to creating management for government, and content management for and managing all enterprise ICT infrastructure, as a service retail and marketing websites, Interoute is the trusted partner delivered from Europes largest Next Generation Network, of international and national enterprises everywhere. integrating 8 Data Centres and 60,000 kms of lit fibre optic network, connecting 100 cities in 29 countries to North Our customers include Air Berlin, Universal Music, Ericsson, America, Africa and the Middle East. Rossmann, Pepe Jeans and The Bel Group and many others who depend on Interoute for providing reliable, flexible high Connectivity, Communication and Computing services are performance managed hosting solutions. integrated onto this platform, reducing cost and optimising security, performance and efficiency: In order to outsource eFiliale, our management had to have absolute trust in the provider. Interoute impressed us Unified Connectivity allows enterprises to combine self- by designing a highly flexible solution with burst options managed IT infrastructure with outsourced managed that allow us to satisfy short-term spikes in bandwidth Wide Area Network services in the same solution demand without pre-ordering. The service we receive is Unified Communications offer a secure, business-quality also completely transparent we can constantly monitor VoIP solution with easy integration to existing voice performance against our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) infrastructures, and is delivered over a single, high-capacity communications platform using the Hub. THOMAS TERRAIL Unified Computing provides hosted IT Infrastructure as TECHNICAL DIRECTOR DEUTSCHE POST eFILIALE a Service (IaaS).2
  • 3. Flexibility, controland performanceWhether you are a national or international For businesses that require extra protection Interoute offers disaster recovery solutions available across our 8 Europeanbusiness, Interoute offers a flexible solution Data Centres, plus geographic failover and automatic datathat provides the perfect balance between replication between data centres and countries. There are alsocontrol and performance. proactive service management packages available which include monitoring and alarms to support even the most demanding dataInteroutes Unified Computing approach combines a protection requirements. Interoute offers 24/7 local languagecomprehensive portfolio of managed hosting services, designed support for these services from our two European technicalfor enterprises and on-line businesses with Europes largest support centres, and regional data centre support teams.Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. It simplifies the ICTinfrastructure on which your organisation depends, such as Optimal cost of ownershipservers, applications, firewalls, storage and network resources Interoute is continually innovating and investing in the latestby delivering ICT as a managed service. This approach provides technologies across its advanced pan European platform, sohigher availability, increased security and unparalleled customers benefit from the economy of scale this investmentflexibility, at a greatly reduced cost of ownership. brings. This ensures that only the most up to date infrastructure,Customers maintain control of their ICT through full software and security is deployed across your business andadministrative access to their servers and applications. reduces the internal resource enterprises need to manageInteroutes customer portal, The Hub, shows both real time IT systems. By outsourcing services to Interoute, this enablesservice and performance statistics, which enables users your company to fully focus on its core create and track support requests and gives up to datebilling information. We wereof solutionsby the seriousness and quality convinced offered by Interoute to meet our need for hosting dozens of websites, our company showcases. This collaboration went beyond our expectations. Listening, Interoute has demonstrated its ability to work in complex ecosystems, with many actors. Technology and responsiveness Interoute enable our marketing teams and agency partners to use communication technologies to full 2.0 Marketing to generate traffic to brand sites, safely and without fear of saturation. ARNAUD BARBOSALECLERCQ HEAD OF CHANGE AND INDUSTRIALIZATION AT GROUP BEL 3
  • 4. Build Your ICT Services to Support Your Business Applications With Interoute you can create bespoke Finally, select the type of support that is solutions tailored to your requirements available for the service layer. Interoutes in three easy steps. From the diagram managed ICT services provides the below simply work your way down each flexibility to mix and match the services of the coloured service layers. As you to compliment both your existing and review each layer, choose the relevant future IT strategies. service and then select from the option column the applications that compliment your IT strategy. SERVICE OPTIONS SUPPORT eZ Publish Oracle Application Application Access Add/delete/ Application Management Updates Control change Support Support Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 Level II Tomcat Apache MySQL SQL IIS Support 24x7 Application Management Application Application Application Start/Stop Level I Installation Monitoring Backup Process Windows Operating Ubuntu Redhat Centos Solaris System OS Health Flat File OS Management Installation Monitoring Backup Support Network Support Security Services Mon-Fri Device 08:00- Storage 18:00 Hardware Device Availability Hardware Management Installation Monitoring Support Support & Eyes Rack/s Hands Cage N+1 No Colocation N+1 Power N+1 UPS N+1 Cooling Generator4
  • 5. Data Storageand back upData is at the heart of all IT systems; Interoutes storage services enable our customers to keep pace with dramatic growth, through our storage on demandany business that relies on data needs a service and ensure reliable service is storage and backup system it can The inherent resiliency and performance of these systemstrust. Providing reliable access to this data provide applications and users with a consistent experience.while maintaining security and ensuring it In the event of a problem, backup, data snapshots, storagecan be easily recovered should the worst replication and disaster recovery options protect the future of your business.happen is essential. Interoutes storage andbackup services are delivered from Data Professional ServicesCentres which adhere to strict security Interoute provides a range of specialist skills and additionalindustry standards and include certification resources to support our customers IT teams in managing a variety of projects.for ISO 27001, SAS 70 and PCI DSS. Professional Services are offered for: Applications including Databases and Web. Networks and Security from layer 1 to layer 7 Access to solution architects, implementation managers and service managers 5
  • 6. Security Interoute provides a broad range of Safeguards security products and safeguards to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service (IDS/IPS) protect your business including: Strong Authentification Security Certified Processes Firewalls ISO 27001 Identity management & remote access SAS 70 Email filtering PCI DSS Policy management ITIL Log backup PRINCE2 IP SEC, SSL VPNs6
  • 7. CustomerSupportThousands of International enterprise Customer Portal - The Hubcustomers and every major European Realtime & ComprehensiveService provider relies on Interoute The Hub, which is your customer Portal enables you to manage and interact with your services.for quality customer support.These services include: Backup reporting Device performanceCustomer Service Centre Alarms Invoicing & billingReactive & Reliable Automatic monitoring of operating systems Order tracking & services 24 x 7 Project and Service Management multi-lingual operational 24 x 7, 365 days a year Personal & Accurate Co-ordinated Service Delivery toll free international number ITIL framework Monthly reports Single point of contact Interoute wins World Communications Award 2010 for Best Regional Operator Interoute, owner operator of Europes largest next generation network, won the Best Regional Operator category at the World Communication Awards, 2010. Recognised for the scale and reach of its pan-European network and for its commitment to delivering cutting edge fully managed services hosted within its private cloud, the judges pointed to Interoutes strong customer testimonials. 7
  • 8. Features at a glance Technical features at a glance Business benefits at a glance Flexible solutions to match your requirements Reduced CAPEX Virtualisation and IaaS Services on demand Data storage, replication and back-up Access to technical expertise Multi-site disaster recovery solutions Reduced business risk Availability up to 99.99% Solution focussed SLAs Interoute Communications Limited Walbrook Building 195 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG UK T +44 020 7025 9000 [email protected] www.interoute.com8