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Transcript of IDEO helps companies innovate. They design products, · PDF file IDEO is comprised of more...

  • DESMA 25 - Michael Doherty

    IDEO helps companies innovate. They design products,

    services, environments, & digital experiences. Their process is to

    observe, brainstorm, prototype & repeat. IDEO is comprised of

    more than 10 multidisciplinary teams from human factors to

    business. Different teams focus on every part of production,

    starting with the research & design of products. After a design is

    conceived, the teams of mechanical, electrical & software

    engineers come in to turn the designs into manufacturable

    realities. Manufacturing teams then put the products in to


    The first step in the design process at IDEO is Observation. The

    methodology simultaneously examines user desirability, technical

    feasibility, & business viability. Techniques such as visualization,

    evaluation, & redefinition are used in development.

    Next comes brainstorming. The rules are stenciled on the

    walls: "Be Visual. Defer judgment. Encourage Wild Ideas. Build on

    the Ideas of Others. Go for Quantity. One Conversation at a Time.

    Stay Focused on the Topic."

    Prototyping is the language of innovation & a way of life

    at IDEO. It allows engineers to problem-solving in three

    dimensions. Prototypes range from simple proofs of the concept

    models to models that look or work like & that are practically

    finished products. Prototyping allows IDEO to find its mistakes

    quicker in order to succeed sooner.

    IDEO’s founder & chairman is David Kelley, Professor of

    Mechanical Engineering in Stanford University’s unique Product

    Design program. Tim Brown, formerly director of IDEO's London

    office, serves as CEO & president. They employ nearly 350 people

    worldwide at offices in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston,

    London, & Munich. IDEO’s international presence gives them a

    global perspective that is reflected in their design strategy.