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  • 1. Hybrid CarsBy Andrew Dudley 12/4/08

2. Hybrid cars

  • Hybrid cars are cars that run on alternative types of fuel other than petroleum products.
  • Are hybrid cars going to be the future of cars for America?

3. The Ford Escape has a full hybrid electric system which means it can be driven on either electric power alone orgasoline power. 4. This is what a typical hybrid car looks like. 5. A look inside of a hybrid. 6. Plug-in hybrids such as the Chevrolet Volt use the electric motor as the main power source of the car. The gasoline engine is only used to help charge the battery. 7. Power sources for electric hybrids

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydro power
  • And Tidal power are all good examples of energy that produce electricity

8. The Honda FCX Hydrogen powered Fuel cells 9. Hydro power

  • Hydro power is energy created from flowing water in hydroelectric dams

10. Hydrogen fueling stations are not available everywhere, making a hydrogen powered car pretty difficult to keep fueled. 11. Solar powered cars run off of solar power 12. solar energy

  • Solar energy is energy derived from the sun
  • It is collected: fro sun rays and solar radiation
  • energy conversion: solar energy is converted through photovoltaic something???//???? Solar power plants
  • Expenses: it is expensive to set up a solar power plant but over time it will pay for itself
  • benefits and draw backs: the supply for solar energy is endless and it has no pollutions, sunlight however is not constant and a surface area is needed to collect it.

13. The Minicat runs on compressed air 14. Honda civic NGV runs on natural gas 15. Fossil fuels

  • Fossil fuels are derived from underground and are refined into gasoline, diesel and natural gas.

16. The Ferrari F430 Spider concept runs on e85 bio-fuel 17. Biomass

  • Biomass is created from rotting crops,garbage, wood and vegetation.
  • Methane gas is collected from landfills and able to be burned to produce energy.

18. Tesla Roadster is a fully electric powered car that runs on lithium ion batteries