Diffrence Between Hybrid Cars & Regular Cars

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Transcript of Diffrence Between Hybrid Cars & Regular Cars

  • Differences Between Hybrid Cars & Regular Cars

  • In Hybrid vehicle, the gasoline engine is relatively small and helps in emission reduction and increase in


  • The hybrid can replace power source when the combustion engine is less efficient in generating

    power for use.

  • The power source of Hybrid cars are compressed or liquefied natural gas, electricity, hydrogen gas, solar, wind etc

  • In electric car, the gasoline engine does not directly power the engine. Instead it has a generator that provides energy to motor and engine .

  • Regular Vehicles

  • Regular cars or gasoline vehicles have single

    internal combustion engine that provides power

    source to start the vehicle

  • The combustion engine burns the fuel and produces energy but also releases carbon dioxide to environment as emission.

  • This emission creates greenhouse effect

    and pollutes the environment in different


  • There are 2 types of combustion engines found

    Gasoline combustion engine Diesel combustion engine

  • Both combustion engines show

    difference in performance but emit the

    same amount of hazardous emission.

  • What are the important differences between regular cars and hybrids

  • Hybrid cars have better mileage than

    regular cars.

  • Heat emission and smoke level of hybrid

    vehicles are normally lower than regular


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