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1. HPP BASKETS 2013 Catalog All Natural Freshness has a complete line of high pressure baskets for both Avure and Chic FresherTech. ANF k now s its difficu ltto m axim ize you rprodu ctthrou g hpu tw hen loading pre- pack ag ed and postpack ag e produ ctinto arou nd bask et w ith afixed leng th. So w e challeng ed ou rhig h pressu re m olding team to com e u p w ith bask etdesig ns thatare flexible to m eetyou rspecific food produ ctpack ag e dim ensions. Patented BarrierFree Rem ovable End Cap forVerticalloading and H orizontalend du m ping Therm aland NonTherm alprocessed Foods PostPack ag e Cu stom Applications Pre Pack ag e Cu stom Applications Perm anentBarCodes fortraceability ofprocessed and u nprocessed Bask ets and Produ ctionRu ns Cu stom M olding Options Q u ick tu rn- arou nd from desig n, to creationofam old, to bask et produ ction Each basket can be configured for both horizontal and vertical loading. HPP Baskets Avure Basket Line o 350 L- 60 0 o 2 15L- 60 0 o 687L- 30 0 Chic FresherTech Basket Line o Du o 2 0 0 L/ 60 0 F o Du o 30 0 L/ 60 0 F o Du o 350 L/ 60 0 F o Du o 40 0 L/ 60 0 F o Du o 50 0 L/ 60 0 F Copyrig ht2 0 12 AllNatu ralFreshness AllRig hts Reserved