Bakhvi 4 HPP

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Transcript of Bakhvi 4 HPP

  • Bakhvi 4 HPP

  • Bakhvi 4 HPP is located in Guria region, Ozurgeti district, village Mtispiri

    on river Bakhvistskali .

  • Installed Capacity - 1 MW

    Average Annual Generation 5.64 GW/h

    Regulation Type Run-off-the-river

    Capacity Usage Ratio 64.4%

  • Construction Cost 2.00 million USD

    Construction Period 1 years

    Domestic Tariff 4.8 USc/kWh

    Export Tariff 8 USc/kWh

    Project IRR 14%

    Project NPV 0.64 million USD

    Equity IRR 22 %

    Equity NPV 0.70 million USD

    Payback Period 9 years

    Note: All the calculations are based on preliminary assumptions. Therefore any clarifications will

    cause appropriate changes in the final results.

  • Site Location: - Guria region, Ozurgeti district, village Mtispiri

    - Name of the River: Bakhvistskali

    - GPS Coordinates: X=265322 Y=4646315

    HPP Type: Diversion, Run-off-the-river

    Site Description: Head unit, diversion channel, surge tank, turbine conduit, power house, tailrace channel.

    Head unit conveys Tyrolean weir, height - 3.0m, which ensures maximum water discharge, reinforced concrete water intake and silt basin with sluice. Diversion is represented by covered channel, dimensions - 2.0x2.0m, length - 0.7km.

    Reinforced concrete pressure tank is located at the end of the diversion, dimensions - 5.0x20.0m. Turbine conduit is 1.0m diameter metal pipe. Power house dimensions - 12.0x24.0m, height - 18.0m. Tailrace covered channel is a reinforced concrete construction, dimensions - 2.0x2.0m, length - 50.0m.

  • Technical Parameters

    Installed Capacity MW 1.00

    Average Annual output GWh 5.64

    Autumn-winter (Oct-March) generation GWh 2.11

    Capacity usage ratio/Efficiency % 64.4

    Type of regulation Run-off-the-river

    Scheme of energetic usage potential Full


    Hydrological Data (number of years) Year 52

    Year of the average multi annual discharge Year 1960

    Catchment area km2 92.15

    High water flow m3/sec 5.88

    Average water flow m3/sec 4.43

    Low water flow m3/sec 3.06

    PMF (1%) m3/sec 189.00

    Rated water discharge m3/sec 4.90

    Maximum gross head m 31.50

    Minimum gross head m 27.20


    Full supply level (FSL) masl 272.00

    Minimum Operation level (MOL) masl Unnecessary

    Total volume at FSL mln. m3 Unnecessary

    Active reservoir level mln. m3 Unnecessary


    Type Tyrol

    Crest Elevation masl 271.50

  • Spillway

    Type Unnecessary

    Crest Elevation masl Unnecessary

    Length of spillway crest m Unnecessary

    Reservoir elevation during PMF masl 273.50

    Spillway capacity at reservoir level PMF m3/sec 189.00

    Water intake

    Sill elevation masl 269.70

    Stop log type and number Flat surface

    Quantity unit 1

    Sluice or bottom spillway

    Type and number Unnecessary

    Quantity unit Unnecessary

    Dimensions (w x h) or (d) m Unnecessary


    Type of diversion Covered channel

    Dimensions (w; l) or (d; l) m 2x2; 700

    Stilling basin or shaft

    Dimensions (w x l) or (d ) m 5x20


    Type Above-ground

    Dimensions (w x h x l) m 12x18x24

    Elevation of tailrace outlet sill masl 243.00


    Type Covered channel

    Dimensions (w x h) m 2x2

    Elevation of outlet sill masl 238.50

  • Turbines/Generators

    Turbine Type and number F. HLD74-WJ-60; 2

    Rated discharge m3/sec 2.45

    Rated output MW 0.52

    Maximum output MW 0.58

    Generator Type SFW630-8/990

    Generator nominal output MW 0.50

    Generator nominal output rpm 752


    Type Three-phase

    Number unit 2

    Nominal power MVA 0.7

    Transformer dimensions (l x w x h) m 4.5x3.15, 15x4.8

    Seismic background of the construction site

    Richter scale Magnitude 6.0

    Economic - Financial Parameters

    Costing mln. USD 2.00

    Duration of the construction Year 1.00

    Investment per 1 kV Thousand USD 1.35

    Investment per 1 kV/h USD 0.29

    Revenue per USD spent (Average price new HPP - 4,8 cents) USD 0.16

    Estimated carbon credit generation T. 2.4

    Social and Environmental Parameters

    Special environmental requirements

    Social Impact Additional workplace; Development of infrastructure

    Ecological risks Low

    Transmission lines

    Parameters kV 35

    Distance to inter connection point km 0.90


    Existing roads Earth

    Roads to be constructed km 0.30

  • Number of observed years 52

    Chosen Year - 1960