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Use PharmacyPostings website for a list of pharmacist opportunities.

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Take a look in your local newspapers’ classified ad section.  A lot of companies still use print advertising as a primary source for finding new employees.  Also look for larger ads announcing job fairs or continuing education events.

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Talk to colleagues and see if they know any companies that are hiring or can put you in contact with others that might be able to help you.  Join associations that will put you in contact with others in the pharmacy industry.

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Contact headhunters in your area to assist in your job search.  Make sure they do not submit resumes without candidate approval or your resume could end up at every pharmacy around regardless of your interest in their position.  Also, find one that does not charge the candidate (you!), their fees should be paid by the company that is doing the hiring.

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Go to company websites directly and view their career page for current openings.

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Post your resume on job boards so recruiters have access to your information.  Make sure you update your resume periodically so information is current.

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Utilize other job boards to search for pharmacist opportunities in your area.

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Depending on how you found out about the job, you must apply accordingly.  Most companies currently accept applications through automated, on-line applicant tracking systems.  Follow directions on individual websites to register and apply for pharmacist opportunities. 

*Make sure you have the following information at hand when filling out a paper or an on-line job application:

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1) Employment dates, company names, job titles, salary information, supervisor names and phone numbers for 3 most recent positions.

2) Name, address and phone number for educational institution attended.

3) Current active pharmacist license number.

4) Names and phone numbers for 3 professional references.

5) Names and phone numbers for 3 personal references.

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It is appropriate to follow up with a company 2 weeks after completing an application if you have not heard from them directly.  Find a number for the human resources department or call a main number and asked to be transferred to human resources.

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We have all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  No where is this more true than when looking for a job.  Although you must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job, it’s the “who you know” that may get you the interview in the first place. 

Joining pharmacy associations and community organizations and building relationships with colleagues at work will be a huge factor when it comes time to look for your next career opportunity.