Finding the right job

Finding the right job to launch your career Bill Opal from Sails-Up 2017 Annual Career Development Conference

Transcript of Finding the right job

Finding the right job to launch your career

Bill Opal from Sails-Up 2017 Annual Career Development Conference

– Seneca

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


• Decide what you want to do

• What career path do you want to take?

• What field do you want to work in?

• What size company appeals to you?

PrepareUtilize tools to learn about companies,

industry and earning potential

Prepare let’s you see your worth in the


Money is not the only answer, but it makes a

difference. Barack Obama

PrepareFollow companies through

LinkedIn Search recent news using Google

Discover the “personality” of a company by their actions

Prepare• Become the expert

• Create an on-line professional Image

• Post blog messages

• Join groups

• Comment on articles

• Leverage social media

• Clean up your social media footprint

Prepare• Spend the time to tweak the

resume specifically for the job you want.

• Have at least two other people review your resume for typo’s — Than two more people.

• Adobe PDF version of your resume will protect the integrity of your formatting.

Should be Then

Search• can have 30% more new post per day then

other job boards

• LinkedIn - Shows you connections from your network related to the job posting

• Indeed -- an aggregation site that posts jobs from thousands of company career sites and job boards.

• AfterCollege, which features entry-level jobs and internships for college students and recent graduates. 

• -- the U.S. Government's official job site.

• LinkedIn -- a professional networking site that also includes a job search engine.

• Monster and Careerbuilder - two largest job boards in the U.S.

Job Boards


• Dress professionally

• Drop off your resume

• Go to company sites

• apply on line


• MeetUp Groups

• Career Center Events

• Leverage contacts gained from your Internships

• Leverage your friends parents.

• Where do they work? Are they willing to drop off a resume?

Network - Network - Network

Land The Job• Prepare for the interview

• Research the company

• Find out about recent events and product launches

• Know the leadership team

• Dress Professionally

• Anticipate questions and have answers ready

• Be on time - Know where you are going, allow for traffic

Land The Job• Arrive at the reception or meeting area no more then 10 minutes

early - no less then five minutes early.

• Turn off the ringer on your phone. Don’t place it on the desk while you are interviewing.

• Give the interviewer a fresh copy of your resume.

• Stay positive during the interview.

• Talk about your accomplishments.

• Be mindful of time. Keep your answers concise and relevant to the question.

Land The Job• Follow up with a Thank You email

• Don’t stalk them

• Keep looking for work. Don’t stop after your first interview. Try to get offers from more then one company so you have options.

Thank you for your time

Resources• Favorite Career advice site


• LinkedIn Profile


• Slideshare